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    • January 25, 2016
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    Magento was introduced in the market having the great assistance of some volunteers by Varien Inc. which is a Private Company in the US located in the Culver City of California. Magento is based on the PHP language & primarily made for the eCommerce websites. Magento at first released in the market on 31 March 2008 by Roy Rubin who was the CEO of Varien at that time.

    After the introduction of Magento in the city, EBay Company buys their most of the shares. A research was done in the marketplace on May 2015 for knowing the status of Magento in the marketplace and the result comes out as 29.8% of the shares were made for the famous eCommerce platforms. Magento’s primary public beta edition was introduced in the market on 31 August 2007. It has model view controller structural design and conventions of the object-oriented programming language. In Magento, the entity attribute value model is used for storing the data.

    Magento is usually called as the open source eCommerce platform which provides customers with the facility to make their website more attractive in its functionality, better UI/UX experience and even more flexible access to various features. People are always confused when they are planning to build an online eCommerce store for making a start in their business. But choosing the Magento platform, you will definitely get a superb start in your online eCommerce business.

    Following are the benefits that your eCommerce business will face using the Magento platform

    • Easily manageable content management system
    • Well defined Architecture
    • Wide variety of features
    • It’s open source and extensible
    • It has the mobile friendly configuration
    • Advanced SEO techniques
    • Effective Administration
    • Better Optimized functionalities
    • Effective Marketing and promotional ways
    • It has a support from international
    • Mobile optimized
    • Easy browsing for finding various products
    • Fast checkout process
    • Payment support from various payment gateways
    • Easy for developers to use and code
    • Better marketing tools

    Basically, there are three useful versions of Magento and they are as under

    1. Magento Enterprise

    Magento Enterprise version is the best version which consists of various features that are helpful for enterprise retailers to make their online store more attractive & useful. But this enterprise version is very expensive and because of its high price the middle retailers will not able to afford it.

    2. Magento Community

    This is the free version of Magento which is used by most of the retailers as it has numerous features.

    3. Magento Go

    Magento Go is the hosted version of Magento and has the same functionality as it is in the Shopify platform. Magento is more preferred for the small retailers but it demands upgradations.

    At AgileInfoways, we are having a dedicated team of developers who are having more than 5 years of experience to develop Magento based eCommerce websites. Our developers are proficient and educated enough to complete their target on the given time by the clients. Our developers are working day and night to satisfy our all clients need in the given time and that too with full right manner as per they were directed by their clients.
    We at AgileInfoways, have made many different Extensions using Magento as our talented developers have expertise in this field and had worked on many projects. Our Magento Certified Developers have great experience to build different Extensions using Magento and PHP for providing the parallax effect.

    Below is the information about the Extensions which was developed by our great developers:–

    Parallax Content Slider: Magento Extension made by AgileInfoways

    Parallax Content Slider is a Magento Extension developed for providing huge facility and ease for people to insert different Images, Links, and Content. Using the Parallax Content Slider Extension, you can set the Size of Image and also Enable/Disable the functionality for showing the fields on the Front End.

    For doing all the above defined changes, you will need to go in the Settings which are present in the Configuration Section. Hence, the Image can Resized dynamically and you can set Active and Inactive Mode using the Admin Panel.

    All the settings are done by going in the Admin Panel and you can set various types of Images, Contents, Titles, Sub Titles & links that you want to show on the Home-Page. This is the reason for which it is called as the Global Parallax Slider which helps in setting all the things according to the user’s choice.

    If you have ever made your whole website using Magento and want to add Parallax Effect, then in that case we can help you to do so. We have a huge team of Magento developers who are having specialization in developing Magento Extension and provide the best work to our clients. AgileInfoways is capable enough to handle such projects and provide the agreeable work to our respected client.