Wireframes, Online Mockup & UI Prototyping Tools – All you need for the success of your website

    • March 5, 2016
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    Website is measured as a Window to the world of Internet. Building a website is the best thing that you can do now days for your business growth and it helps in Understanding your targeted audience as well. It performs as an interface where information and data is exchanged, purchases are made, causes are begun and many more operations take place.

    Wireframing is an important aspect when it comes to website development and design process. Wireframes are created for the purpose of arranging elements on the websites.

    Developing a website comprises a considerable amount of visualization that is completely devoted to different functionalities. To have an interface that is comfortable for the use is very necessary. In the procedure of drawing up the structure and format of a site, defining and making Wireframes are important. A sitemap is not enough now. There are number of Wireframing tools for Android and Mac (iOS) available in the market that help you to create Wireframes of websites.

    Wireframing and mock up tools:
    • Axure - Comprise drag and drop feature, create UI mock-ups and interactive WireFrames
    • Balsamiq - It is Quick and enable users to come up with innovative ideas rapidly
    • Justinmind - Allow you to simulate the wireframe. When you change anything in the Wireframe, the app prototype will get simulated instantly.
    • Mockflow - Check out the interaction between pages or navigation flow and comes with an added chat feature
    • Moqups - Enable to create interactive wireframe of app on the tablet, desktop and browser
    • Pidoco - comprises usability testing module and range of modes to display wireframe
    • Proto - Use for mobile prototyping and helps build
    • Protoshare - 2D and 3Danimated transitions that can add value to your design
    • UXPin - Create clickable prototype as well as mock-ups
    • Wireframe Sketcher - used as a standalone app and as a plug-ins for Eclipse IDE
    • Omnigraffle - A forum that works well to create precise, beautiful graphics and comprises number of objects, canvases, templates, inspectors, and stencils even.

    Wireframing is the fantastic way of getting success of any projects. Everybody is eagerly waiting for the designing phase as it delivers the information regarding how website will eventually look. Wireframes make design changes more proficient, make site navigation designs better, make content development more design friendly and many more.

    Welfares of Wireframing:
    • Ease of development
    • Improvement in the team work
    • Drag and drop interfaces
    • Tools that are prebuilt
    • Different widgets
    • A base to perform testing process
    • More engaged customers
    • Deliver a view how content lays out on the page
    • Real time collaboration
    • Test and refine navigation
    • Multiple collaborative editing options
    • More clearer communication
    • Ability to be exported across different platforms
    • More approaches
    • Faster and cost effective project delivery

    There are several Online Wireframing Applications which you might found superior than the desktop software:

    • Moqups.com
    • Gliffy.com
    • Google Drive Drawings
    • Lovely Charts
    • Lumzy.com

    To deliver the real form to a customer's vision, Wireframes gives better services. Wireframes is not a cure at all but it is very valuable for the business for sure.

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