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    What are the features of the new versions of Windows 10 OS?

    • August 5, 2015
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    Windows 10 is here with a bang. Released on 29th of July 2015 in 190 countries, this new OS is the latest form of what you are already familiar with, let's just flash out the summary of what has Windows come up with.

    10 = 8 + 7 + X

    It is like Windows 10 = Windows 8 + Windows 7 => a combination of better parts of both the versions of this very operating system + certain things of its own.

    Start Menu

    The original Start menu, the most convenient windows start button is now back. It was the one forgotten in Windows 8 which had introduced the application display in tiles format. So again, Windows 10 has brought to us a convenient blend of the older versions. The default left bottom Start button which when clicked shows a list of programs with a column for tile display of apps.

    The Application View

    Windows 8 opened the built-in applications into a full-screen view, disabling the comfort and forcing the user to dive into the opened application. Here in Windows 10, the applications open just like a normal desktop window, helping users to multitask. So we can say, efforts were put in to improve the past mistakes.

    Microsoft Edge

    Finally, a new browsing experience is what Microsoft brings in for us. Yes, Internet Explorer hasn’t been trashed completely. It has been kept for compatibility purposes. But now, one can acquaint self with modern and smooth browsing practices. You can also just scribble over the web page, save as notes or share with other users.


    The intelligent assistant that was available in smartphones has now been offered to desktop or laptop users. The search can now be controlled with serenity.

    In connection with the search engine or anyhow with the PC, Cortana helps the user to search for things inside the system or into the browser. All you need is a mic. Talk to your system like you are to communicate with a person. You won’t need to mess up with clicks and tabs for easy common tasks like setting a reminder or searching a function. Also, can it entertain you by telling jokes if you ask for it?


    You can make its use, personal. Interact with your system in the way you want. Writing on the web page [as discussed above -> Edge], swiping through, using the keyboard where necessary, or writing with a pen to add notes or draw naturally and lastly, you can communicate with the setup using merely a mic.


    Identical to your notification system in mobile phones and tablets, the action center in Windows 10 pops up your app notifications and saves them without creating issues like permanent vanishing. You can choose to connect with the app through quick actions via notifications, like jumping into the app or deleting the pop-up. Choose what applications you want to be notified from, and what pop-ups you would want to hide.


    For the game lovers, here it is. The best of its features are now stepping into Windows 10. Record your play, compete against the console players, and make other such tasks on your desktop now.

    Virtual Desktop

    It’s nothing new. Yeah right! But Windows has boosted its capabilities by letting users the freedom to organize their system. It shall allow you to switch multiple desktops, give you more desktop space, all with a convenient design of adding or removing new tabs.

    This is not all. Continue that focuses over touch screen users interface is also a part of Windows 10. Easy attaching external devices and make it work like simple desktop and easy detaching making it a touch UI device as it was before.


    All new features that are extremely useful make working over the systems very smooth and favorable. Well known for its understandability, Windows has once again proved that it will stand tall in the race of technology.

    Keeping its core assets in the center, Windows has embraced the advanced tactics necessary for progress – of self, of community.

    When Windows has so much to cater to us, why not get involved in providing the intended users with applications that make work and play interesting with simplicity.

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