Windows 10 based Mobile apps are helpful for increasing your business! Boom your App's scope using the Windows Store

    • January 23, 2016
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    Windows platform is growing slowing spreading its wings in the market. Where everybody is busy in using Android and iPhone, professionals are making daily new improvisations in the Windows version for the user’s beneficial cause. The new version of Windows is introduced in the market on 29 July 2015 As Windows 10 and it has reached the marketplace with new features.

    The new Windows 10 platform is gaining huge attention from people and they are diverting to install more and more apps in their Windows phone. As the year 2016 has come and app developers are moving to invent various types of usable apps like for the educational institutes, business organizations, and many other organizations that are in the need of such types of apps.

    Here is the list of Windows phone apps that are about to develop in the year 2016

    • Office Lens
    • Voice Memos
    • CalendarPro Free
    • 1Password Beta
    • Box
    • Microsoft Remote Desktop
    • OneDrive
    • Mail
    • TranslatorTM
    • Adobe Reader
    • AirWatch MDM Agent
    • Pocket File Manager
    • iTelMobileDialer
    • Evernote
    • PrintHand
    • Perfect Recorder
    • Call Recorder
    • CamCard
    • Effectual
    • Slack (Beta)

    We at AgileInfoways, have developed a number of apps for Windows phone. Our expert team of developers is very much aware of the latest technology trends and they always try to deliver the finest outcome on the demand of clients. Our team has many years of experience and this makes them do the superlative work.

    Our Windows-based apps are as under

    SpeechTrans Translator:

    SpeechTrans Translator is a fully Windows-based app that has been developed for the purpose of speech translation in 28 different languages with the sidebar tie up and this gives you the facility to select the language from the drop-down, avoiding typing it again and again.

    Birthday Reminder:

    This app helps people to connect with Facebook friends for knowing their friend's birthday. A birthday reminder is an app that is based on the Windows platform and is helpful for Windows phone users. Using this app, you will able to get alerts on your phone regarding the birthday of your friend. In this manner, you can keep yourself updated with the friend’s birthday. Also, this app allows searching for some gift-shop which is nearby and you can found online templates for birthday and send email or message to your friend.

    SpeechTrans Dictation:

    With the SpeechTrans Dictation, you can store different dictations in the cloud and then view the dictation history to send it on One Note, Facebook, Emails, Phones, Twitter, and many others. In this way, you will able to make yourself almost free from typing as the speech recognition engine will help to detect the word or sentence.

    If you are also having any idea to develop an app for the Windows phone, then we at AgileInfoways are present to turn your idea into reality. Our talented developers are very enthusiastic and they can deal with any complex matter because of their tremendous experience in this field.

    Windows 10 has arrived in the market, providing digital assistance for different people’s needs. And the changes are made frequently in the phone devices also that are based on Windows. Like, the Lumia Phone is getting updated with the Windows 10 OS and now it can do everything that on the computer you can perform.

    The new phones that are introducing or will get introduced in the year 2016 will fully support Windows 10. If we talk about the working of Windows 10 on a computer then it's now possible to set a reminder on your computer and it will get shown on your Lumia phone. The other changes are like Cortana will provide you proper instructions about different things that will keep you on the right track.

    If you're a game lover or music lover then Windows 10 has brought many attractive things for you. You can find different apps, music, games, and videos on the Windows Store and can download it on your Lumia Phone. Windows app is spreading its magic from laptop to the Lumia phone and people are enjoying it as the scale of the Windows app is growing in the market.

    Below is the list of Lumia Series that will get a free upgrade of Windows 10

    • Lumia 430
    • Lumia 435
    • Lumia 532
    • Lumia 535
    • Lumia 540
    • Lumia 635 (1 GB RAM)
    • Lumia 640
    • Lumia 640 XL
    • Lumia 735
    • Lumia 830
    • Lumia 930
    In the above Lumia Series, features many differ but internal memory of 8 GB is required compulsory.

    Improve your life using digital facilities which are enhancing day by day. Windows 10 has added more improvements as well as updated it from the user’s point of view. Now, using the Windows 10 based Phone you can store all the information about the phone on an OneDrive Cloud Storage. This is a great facility for people who are continuously updating word documents using the Lumia Phone and accessing things from tablets and laptops in an easy manner.

    Upgrading your Lumia Phone with Windows 10 will require installing Lumia Denim Software on the phone. After updating your Lumia Smartphone with Windows 10, it will provide various new brand features to get an update on the phone. This makes Windows Phones the best choice for people to use and face stress fewer features for accessing things.

    With the better improvisations in the new Windows 10 operating system, people are gaining interest as well as they are becoming curious to see the changes and experience them. Because of this issue, more and more apps are getting downloaded on the Windows Phone. App developers are also doing hard work to present more compelling and usable mobile-based applications for different Windows Phone.

    Using the Lumia Phone which has Windows 10 is the best choice for the professionals who deal with professional apps and uses Office apps. Windows 10 provides you with the best features like the facility of OneDrive, PowerPoint Presentation, Writing an Email, and many more.

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