Why Photos are Important for your E-Commerce Website?

    • April 3, 2017
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    Photos are always graceful and attractive when taken properly and in a right format. When it’s regarding an e-commerce website, there requires a proper and right approach towards selling products. It is obvious that you can attract more and more audience with the help of an image. This can directly help to increase sales and business revenues. Running an e-commerce business requires proper promotion techniques. Having proper images from users’ perspective is the right task to perform.

    Selling products online requires having product visualization with the help of photos. This will provide user with a clean and clear picture of that product which they are planning to buy. If you are aiming to rule the market, it is highly recommended to follow the right tactics while building an e-commerce store. By approaching the most capable and reputed Website/ Mobile App Development Company, you can get the best outcomes in the end.

    How to Grab Customer Attention

    When people visit online stores, they purely search for good products. The first thing where user gets attract is only the image which is put on your website. Whether the image is regarding any offer/discount or of any product, it always takes user attention. Visual impact is very strong and that’s why it is said that whenever you are planning to build an e-store, put quality images on your site.

    People when buying from online store didn’t get a chance to touch the product before buying. For this reason, providing proper and accurate images of the products on your e-store will satisfy them to buy the product. This strategy will provide more confidence to user and they will opt for buying product without thinking.

    In this blog, we are focusing on the image/photos of an e-commerce store by describing some must have features for them:

    1. Quality & Quantity of Image

    Whenever you are trying to build a first impression on user, it is highly important to focus on the major aspects i.e. on the quality of the image. The quality of an image should always be of high quality and with the best one; you can attract more and more users. When your e-store is demanding more images then go for it else you will confuse your customers with the limited set of pictures. By adding quality images, you can convince users to buy that particular product. That’s why it is said that images play a vital role in increasing e-commerce sales.

    2. Image Size

    Correct resolution and size of an image are two important factors to consider before placing it on the e-store. It is required to set the proper size of an image as it will attract user and will help them to review that product with proper zooming functionality. Photos should be placed in an order to convince user for buying immediately after viewing all the views of that particular product or item. Placing poor quality and oversized image can create a bad impact of your e-store on users’ mind. This will directly decrease e-commerce sales. So always contact a reputed and experienced Website Design Company for getting your e-commerce website work completed with high quality.

    3. Proper Light Effects

    While performing e-commerce photography, the most important factor to consider is of lighting effects. With proper light effects, you can get right image of the product to place on the e-store. The important factor to look out in the photography is light, brightness, color, and shadow effects. These things should be focused properly for getting fairer results in the end. By putting the best images on the online store will help to get more audience. At times, it happens that people finds poor and dull images on the e-commerce website while online shopping. This makes them confused and irritated to pick an item and place an order. To avoid all such circumstances, opt for adding the best of the images on the online store and increase user retention rate.

    4. Proper Backgrounds

    The background for an e-commerce image should be uniform, clean and smooth. This will provide customer with a good experience and will help them to pick a product. When you are thinking to build an e-commerce store, it is highly recommended to shoot your photography at a clean and shiny place. By doing this, the photos of your items or products will come very bright and clear to view by the customers. Also, the photography camera should be of good quality to face good photos in the end. The role of photography is very important when you are planning to put photos on your e-store.

    5. The role of ‘Model’

    When it comes to online shopping website then the photography points occurs. When it’s about clothing or any other accessory, models are required to wear that product or item. Different models are needed for putting the accessories and placing it on the e-store. This will add more value to that product and the customer will also get the detailed view about the item. If the photography will not do at a proper and light place, the view of model will become dull. So just focus on choosing the right model for right product and shoot the whole photography session at a shiny place.

    Key Takeaways

    We are living in the 21st century where the world is going crazy towards SmartPhones and the use of Mobile devices. Everything now is done through online platforms and this trend is going to escalate in the coming years. There seems no stopping in this technological change and that’s why people are adopting online trends to be in the race.

    Having E-Commerce business nowadays requires a proper website and app for making a strong online presence. For this reason, a business owner needs to contact the best e-commerce development company; Agile Infoways has the best team of developers and designers who will help you to succeed your project.

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