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    Treat your mobile app with the best chances to get approved on the app store!

    • December 3, 2015
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    There are a number of apps in the market that get rejected every day on the app store whether it's iOS applications or any Android applications. But have you ever worried what is the reasons behind this rejection? What should one need to do to overcome this issue? Is there any particular methodology to follow? Or something else. App Store is also increasing its restrictions and being much selective as competition is going on at a very high level. Here are some points to overcome these hurdles on the go.

    • Never use the word “Beta” because it somehow shows that your application is not yet ready completely or it is incomplete. It will definitely shrink the chances to get your app approved in the store. If your application is tagged as a “Beta” or “Preview” related phrase, the chances of your app getting rejected will increase.
    • If your application is capable to support any other platforms like Windows, Android, or iOS; never mention it. You can indicate it on the content of your website but not in the app or in the description of the app store. It will decrease the app approval ratio on the go.
    • First of all, collect all the information regarding the app store and its guidelines. You must have a valid account and operating system when you start the procedure of submission.
    • You should test all the stuff of “allow” and “disallow” options for all the data your app utilizes. You should also test what if the user allows the access and what if they deny the access later on.
    • There are many apps that get rejected just because of improper utilization of icons and buttons. So make sure you must follow all the User Interface guidelines before you do the submission.
    • Never make use of trademarked materials like logos, images, keywords, and all.
    • You need to fill up all the detailed information which is necessary for the submission. In most cases, people fail to provide all the information required under the section of “App Review information”. So this can cause an issue to approve your app on the app store.
    • If you copy the functionality of any other already existing app, your app will definitely get flagged through the approval process.
    • If your app will take too long to get loaded on the smart devices then the OS will kill it and these sorts of applications will easily get rejected from the approval process.
    • The screen-shots, name of the app as well as description should match the functionality provided by the application.
    • You need to check all the guidelines provided by the privacy policy if you are collecting personal information from the users. Never get panic if your app gets rejected on the app store. The first time is always difficult. Just overcome all the hurdles coming on your path and resubmit it.

    The submission process of your app on the app store needs to be well planned. One app may need to meet all the requirements within 1-4 weeks if it does not face any issues regarding the submission. But sometimes it may take much longer than the defined time. So, learn how to keep patience as well.

    App developers at AgileInfoways are smart enough to develop an app by following the strategy which improves the possibilities of your app to get approved on the app store. We follow every single guideline stipulated by the app store to make an app approval process smooth and ongoing. You never need to worry about the app approval process if you share your project requirements with us. We flourish your project rather than getting lost in the clutter.

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