Top 12 Best Apps for Book Lovers in 2021

    Top 12 Best Apps for Book Lovers in 2021

    • October 18, 2021
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    As technology evolves and changes, so do our reading habits. With old-age passing, time means trips to the library and bookstore. Whereas smartphones and iPads have made our patterns digital and virtually available anywhere, anytime. Today’s applications are now influencing the new reading experience and catering for the individual reader by putting the entire experience in the palm of a hand. 

    If you’re a bookworm and love to read, then these apps are designed for you. The apps help you connect with others by giving an experience unlike what reading a paperback offers. Try these apps and find your next read. Here, we listed great choices of books for both Android and iOS.

    1) Goodreads

    Goodreads offers the best social networking app for book lovers. It allows you to discover new books, read reviews, follow writers and join communities. Once you start tracking your Goodreads books, you’ll get the best recommendation. The Goodreads app offers the best sheer community features and is owned by Amazon account within its own set of benefits. Additionally, the kindle is available right on your Goodreads accounts.

    Available for: iOS | Android (Free)

    2) Wattpad

    If you’re tired of reading paperback books, then you should check out this Wattpad application. It’s a kind of digital-age app from which you can connect directly with readers. The element adds a community element to reading. Interact with readers by adding a comment, reading phrases and sentences inside the book. The Wattpad is one of the best apps for book lovers who want to explore or receive inspiration. It also helps readers to write and build their audience.

    Available for: iOS | Android (Free, Subscription)

    3) OverDrive

    It’s an app that helps you carry your local library and buy a book from Amazon if you’re planning to borrow a digital copy of it from your local library. The OverDrive app helps you manage to shift offline libraries into the online world. The category is based on location or the content your library offers. Not only ebooks, but you can also even listen to audiobooks. It’s available with your local library card. With this app, it’s possible to use the app as an alternative to Netflix and Amazon prime, watch videos, movies, tv shows, and more.

    Available for: iOS | Android (Free)

    4) Amazon Kindle

    It is represented as one of the best android apps for books lovers and a perfect match for your Amazon profile. It connects with Amazon prime reading and kindle unlimited. The app offers features like excellent and convenient reading, highlight text, translation of words, search for meaning, and change font and page size.

    Available for: iOS | Android (Free)

    5) Inkitt

    It’s one of the best apps for books lovers that benefits amateur writers. Inkitt is one of the world’s first reader-powered publishers that have a lot of publications. It works similar to Wattpad. The function is more like the same. It’s a great app for book lovers that sets it apart. The reader’s screen can be customized, and your eyes won’t strain while reading the day away.

    Available for: iOS | Android (Free)

    6) Scribd

    It’s a comprehensive platform that expands your reading time and gives you an excellent experience. If you as a reader want to explore things and combine massive library features, then this app provides functionality like Audible and kindle unlimited. As a result, it offers the leading apps for book lovers with fantastic knowledge.

    Available for: iOS | Android (Free, Subscription)

    7) Blinkist

    It’s an app for professional people who want to learn but do not have time to read. Therefore, this app offers a key point along with the entire gist of the book in nearly 15 minutes. The app is one of the top choices for people who have started to read during a pandemic. It consists of a collection of 3000 bestsellers. In short, the app is fully packed with revolutionary ideas that can change a life.

    Available for: iOS |Android (Free, Subscription)

    8) Litsy

    It’s an app that offers a fantastic feature that is developed to socialize. Also, one can share the reading moments with our friends, famous authors, and popular influencers. The in-app community makes you feel connected where people, while reading, share their thoughts about books with them instantly.

    Available for: iOS |Android (Free)   

    9) Shelfie

    It’s a digital version of a bookshelf that offers an exciting feature like a representative of a top iPhone app for book lovers. If you’re a reader who always wants to buy all books available in the book store, then this app is for you. Shelfie helps you buy books and arrange your bought samples and reading notes in one single place. The app syncs with your library with other devices and constantly access it anytime you want. Prevent yourself from buying books that you already have on your list.  

    Available for: iOS |Android (Free)

    10) Epic

    It’s a fantastic solution for parents and one of the best book apps for young readers looking for better learning and entertainment. The app works as the top digital library for the reader for more youthful people of 12 years old. The app has everything age-based, adding books for learning language, material in audio and video format. Additionally, it’s an excellent choice for parents who want to get their children into reading.

    Available for: iOS |Android (Free, Subscription)

    11) The Paris Review

    It’s a digital version of a top lit-crit magazine that offers a collection of books to browse any issue and look at your favourite book to understand the professional point of view. If you know books better, subscribe to those best apps for book lovers, and you won’t regret it.

    Available for: iOS (Subscription)

    12) Serial Reader

    The app consists of 15 minutes of the best book read for Android. It offers the best option for the android reader and helps people turn reading into a daily habit. The serial reader is one of the best apps for Android that contains nearly 600 books which are divided into easy-to-digest 20 minutes max bites. One can download and fill the gaps in gaining knowledge hassle-free. 

    Available for: iOS |Android (Free, Subscription)

    Wrapping up

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