Sirius – Free Open Source Software Like Siri

    Sirius – Free Open Source Software Like Siri For the Best Digital Assistant

    • October 10, 2016
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    Microsoft has Cortana, Google has Google Now and Apple has Siri; these all the personal digital assistants are performing a leading role in the field of smartphones as well as desktops. Well-known giants of the tech industry such as Apple and Microsoft have promoted the personal digital assistant by letting smartphones users request Siri/Cortana to set alarms or resolve their questions. Now onwards different developers and small organizations can also build their own version of such assistants with new software. Analysts from the University of Michigan had revealed an open-source alternative called ‘Sirius’.

    This new personal voice-activated assistant is completely free of cost & can be easily customized. Anyone can contribute to open-source projects through GitHub. For now, the Sirius technology has only been tested on Ubuntu systems, but the developers are hoping to roll the programming onto smartphones and other mobile devices very soon.

    The demo version of Sirius is on the basis of Wikipedia. Analysts of Clarity Lab loaded it with the details from the online encyclopedia. Answers to users’ queries are derived from those details.

    Sirius is primarily dependent on

    • Java 1.7
    • Microsoft Research’s Kaldi
    • OpenCV
    • Carnegie Mellon University’s Sphinx
    • Germany’s RWTH Aachen RASR
    • Protobuf

    Mobile phone makers, wearable startups as well as application developers can probably utilize Sirius to execute some immediate smarts to their projects. Renowned tech companies such as Apple & Microsoft have been able to deliver billions of people with Intelligent Personal Assistants (IPA) on mobile devices by enabling people to perform stuff like set alarms or catch answers to questions just by speaking. Now, other different organizations can put into practice their own versions, by making use of the new Sirius.

    • This Sirius system contains
    • Speech recognition,
    • Natural language processing,
    • Image matching
    • Question-answer mechanism empowered by the cloud.

    These single components are able to work together to deliver an end-to-end solution. You will have to download all these programs if you want to make Sirius work well, but the analysts have made them all available as a download suite.

    Accessible as an Open source, Sirius is integrated with the annual versions of the Eclipse platform. All credit goes to compliance with strict development principles and a severe development procedure. It assures the excellence and precision that has built the reputation of this platform.

    Sirius is a solution that permits you to graphically design complicated systems while keeping the equivalent data steady. To accomplish this, Sirius aids to generate a customized modeling workbench that is devoted to your expertise area as well as supports your designing concepts.

    Although Linux may not have much of the desktop PC market, it has the nobility of running a number of servers as well as mainframes and it’s the foundation of Android. Just like that, the team behind Sirius needs their project to perform as the base of the digital assistants of the future.

    Projects which are dependent on open-source technology can be tailored as their code as well as design is accessible publicly. It is beneficial for both, developers and consumers as they promote the open exchange of ideas and more collaborative software development. In the same way that Android has created the base of different smartphone models from manufactures globally, the analysts behind Sirius want it to provide developers and device manufacturers a head start on smarter digital assistants.

    Just like Siri, Sirius is able to perform additionally modernized learning-based procedures as well. This sort of deep knowledge & analysis of very huge data enables software like Sirius to make predictions & usually think ahead on the previous information.

    Will Sirius get success when others face failure?

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