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    Silverlight Web Applications – All You Need To Know

    • December 25, 2015
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    With the increase in technology, people are also looking for increasing their business. Everybody wants to be in the top position ruling the world, but it is not possible unless you represent your business in the right manner. Use the best ways for developing a web application, it will decide the level of your business. Silverlight is there to solve your problem and make your business rule the world.

    Existence of Silverlight Technology:

    In 2007, Microsoft introduces the first version of Silverlight in the market for developing interactive web applications with a dynamic touch. This platform helps people to craft responsive sites that are more functional and run with great speed having less load time. With the demand of creating interactive sites, Silverlight which is based on RIA (Rich Internet Applications) has become the most demanding technology.

    Use of Microsoft Silverlight Framework:

    Basically, Microsoft introduces Silverlight for the purpose of creating rich internet applications. Silverlight provides full support for people who wants to develop applications focusing on graphics, animation, and the multimedia field. It gives full assistance to developers with the CLI language and the development tools.

    Silverlight 5 is the latest version that was released on 8 December 2015. It has the capability to bridge the gap between traditional Windows-based applications and browser web applications. Developers can easily create applications using this technology as it has easy-to-use tools.

    Silverlight can run on all operating systems, devices, browsers. WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) combined with Silverlight to deliver more challenging applications. Silverlight Gadgets are very famous and have a collection of simple applications developed with Silverlight. It consists of all the binaries, demos, and full source code.

    Microsoft Silverlight technology helps people to develop different types of sidebar gadgets like the world clock. They can provide the best platform for the quick execution of all media applications on the web, desktop, and mobile devices. The important plus point for using this technology is that it does not require an update as it gets updated automatically. Silverlight technology provides cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility.

    Salient profits for choosing Microsoft Silverlight:

    • Easily get integrated with other web applications.
    • Develop Rich Interactive Applications using ASP. Net.
    • Provides full support for 2D vector, audios, videos, and animations.
    • It updates itself automatically which is its best quality.
    • Runs on numerous web browsers, mobile devices, and operating systems.
    • Silverlight supports C#, Visual Basic, LINQ, XML Python, and Ruby.
    • It has a huge variety of compatible third-party codes.
    • Silverlight runs on the client-side application without refreshing the whole page.
    • Better Silverlight application and best UI design.
    • Integrating Audio and Video with media streaming.

    Use of XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language) in Silverlight:

    In Silverlight, XAML gets embedded in the HTML pages and the plugins of Silverlight provide full permission for rendering XAML objects on the page. Silverlight and XAML integrate together for providing the best web applications.

    Every element of XAML can be accessed from the client-side JS for interacting with HTML elements. In this way, you can control HTML for Silverlight. It can be easily integrated with the AJAX web pages. With Silverlight, you can utilize .NET Framework features and benefits. Doing this, the XAML markup file will access code and the programming logic written in any .NET language.

    At AgileInfoways, our proficient developers had crafted several Silverlight Web Applications. Our developers have full knowledge of the latest going things in the market. They always keep themselves updated with the current technology trends and information of all the latest versions.

    Dedicated developers are always required for the need of getting the best output and we have such a talented team with us. Make your business grow by taking assistance from us.

    We at AgileInfoways had developed many applications based on .NET Framework. We deal in numerous fields fulfilling our client's needs, below are the categories in which we had crafted different applications for our clients.

    Services we are offering for the Microsoft Silverlight Framework:

    • E-Commerce
    • Media
    • Finance
    • Social Networking
    • Healthcare
    • Sports
    • Logistics

    Among all the web applications that we had made using the .NET Framework, one is based on Silverlight, ASP.NET, AJAX, Web Design, WPF, WCF, Medical, and Health & Fitness Services. It is named as eCare Community whose function is to maintain all the online health activities using this portal. It records the whole data of consumers and provides them the required information regarding any health issues anywhere in the world.

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