Hiring Mobile App Developer

    Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring Mobile App Developer

    • February 23, 2015
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    To get a good developer working for your project, you need to be alert too! Don't stay unaware of the process the developers follow and do not at all feel of knowing what you don't know. Try to get to know about their work history, their development process, the testing standards, and post-delivery services.

    Here are certain Whats and Hows a customer must keep in mind:

    1. What standards are followed by them?

    STANDARDS is visible proof of loyalty. Ask if the developer uses any valid standards or has loopholes for security breaches. Proper W3C standards when used on-site approve the developer of growing with the technology. HTML, XML, XHTML, DOM, and the general-purpose, cross-platform language ECMA Script all are individually and unanimously important.

    2. Do they really use any SEO strategies?

    SEO strategies

    When do you want to get a product developed what do you primarily want? Customer satisfaction and Your own profit. Yes, a Win-Win situation is what both customers and developers demand. So on your part as a customer, you will want your app to stand ahead in the market. For that, you will have to consider SEO practices. Ask the developer if he/she is going to use SEO plugins, URLs, and SEO-friendly content. Do not hesitate to put forward your idea of marketing. You rank ahead of others in Google, you are ahead in real.

    3. Is future growth and change adaption among the services they provide?

    "Job is done once the code is built" - This is a wrong supposition. Clarify with the developers if they can help you provide changes in the product with the changing technology. Upgrading is as important as developing from scratch. You miss few technology updates and you'll definitely be lagging behind in the market. Is it possible that this technology may not allow future customization and enhancements? Should you switch to some other platform? Clear up all your doubts.

    4. How is the testing commenced? Or Is Testing certainly done?

    Testing of all phases in SDLC is indeed an important one. You may not realize where your system is going wrong until tested against all possible chances of failure. Now, this duty is not solely of a developer. A customer too must add a helping hand by clarifying areas of perfection. Your role is to confirm the strategies used. Question the developer about this and get to know about prior works if possible.

    5. How do the developers contrive support services?

    Lastly, the post-deployment services. the mobile app developer is done with deploying the product after testing. But at times after implementation, certain technology glitches pose problems for your system deployed. You may not understand why the errors occur and that will be when you may need the developer who created the site. So before locking the deal, ask if they could help you after delivery. If they did, then inquire about the way and to what extent.

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