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    Power Programming with Python – The Language of the Greats!

    • May 26, 2015
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    What is Python?

    Python is a programming language with a vast scope.

    Everybody has known that Java, PHP, .NET have got varied applications in the real world. Python too is not lagging behind in serving its users. In fact, it has got some unique characteristics that other languages can't provide.

    As a team of developers, we have known the benefits of one language over others. We have got the knowledge about service-specific platforms, widely used in Complex projects development, Python applications can be used with ease and faster as compared to those developed in other languages, you can easily achieve complex implementations like Distributed Computing, Load Balancing, Parallel Processing, Database Syncing.

    Python has a large number of Web Frameworks like Pyramid, Django, Flask, Web2py – full-stack MVC framework, CherryPy & many more. Google App Engine itself is a platform build with python for developing & hosting web applications in Google-managed data centers.

    Let us know in detail, why Python has its own importance? Why use Python as your front-runner language? Because of the following aspects:

    • Speed
    • Provability
    • Modularity
    • Compose Ability
    • Vast Scope
    • Easy Set-up
    • Errors appear Run-time
    • Simplistic Learning Curve
    • Ease of Debugging & Testing.

    Some awesome things we can use with python are:

    • Multiple programming languages can be used with python
    • CPython is a module written in C. CPython that offers easy integration with code that is written in C language, so implementing wrappers around C libraries is comparatively simple.
    • There's also Jython which offers super deep integration with Java code, Iron Python is used to integrate code with C# and .NET code, PyObjc is used to write python code using Objective-C toolkit and similarly, PyJs compiles your python to JavaScript.
    • Advanced Web Scraping – scrappy framework
    • Distributed Computing
    • Load Balancing
    • Parallel Processing
    • Data Mining
    • Image Processing

    Software developed in Python means a big deal.

    Where is Python Used?

    There are numerous tools already developed on this platform looking at which you’ll find how valuable is its use, those include Image Processing tools, Data Mining tools, OpenERP, IDEs, Network Applications, Source Control and Management tools, Game engines, File Hosting Platforms, 3D Animation Softwares and lot more.

    The areas where Python has provided staggering support:
    • Film
    • Sports
    • Arts
    • Aviation Industry
    • Business
    • E-commerce
    • Education
    • Scientific
    • Engineering
    • And many more.
    Here are the application domains with relative Web Frameworks of Python:-
     Application Domains Web Frameworks
     Web and Internet Development Django, Pyramid
     Scientific and Numeric Computing SciPy, IPython
     Education --
     Desktop GUI Tk Library
     Software Development Scons, Buildbot

    Consider some very well-known examples like Google’s App Engine, Youtube, Bittorrent, Unity3D, etc. now you can realize how unknowingly you are making use of Python in the desired Web applications, In general, Python is not just the average coding language. It is a precious and core part of some of the biggest websites in the world, one of which is Google.

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