PHP Framework – How To Select The Top PHP Framework From The All!

    • July 18, 2016
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    PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is the most popular scripting language which is used for building web applications. It is used by many people across the world and has become a preferred language for building enhancing web applications. PHP language came into existence in the year 1994 and discovered by Rasmus Lerdorf. The purpose of developing the PHP language was to provide a better way for all people to develop enhancing web applications.

    PHP Framework permits a user to build attractive web applications. The main cause of using a PHP Framework is that a developer will save his lot of time, and will reduce the need for using the code many times in a single program. In this manner, you will able to build the web applications in a rapid way i.e. RAD (Rapid Application Development).

    Now, with the rapid technology development, PHP has reached to the PHP 7 version that was released on 03 Dec 2015. The PHP developers are enjoying the changes that are made in the PHP versions as every time the version is coming up with the new and usable features for building different kinds of web applications.

    Here is the list of different PHP Frameworks, take a look below:

    1. Laravel
    2. Symfony
    3. CodeIgniter
    4. CakePHP
    5. Zend Framework
    6. Phalcon
    7. Slim
    8. Yii
    9. Fat-Free
    10. Kohana
    11. FuelPHP
    12. Flight
    13. PHP-Mini
    14. Zikula

    Here the question arises that how one will choose the PHP Framework for the web application development need as there are many PHP frameworks available in the market? Using the topmost PHP Framework, PHP developers can go for crafting the most usable and enhancing web applications.

    While selecting a PHP Framework, you are required to think about the below-defined questions:

    1. Does the PHP Framework offer the needed features and functionalities?
    2. How flexible is the chosen PHP Framework?
    3. Does the selected PHP Framework provide the best Community Support?
    4. Will the framework provide long-term support?
    5. Does the PHP Framework is active for the developers to work on?
    6. How easily you can grasp the selected PHP Framework?

    A wide range of thoughts come into the mind of a developer when he selects the PHP Framework for developing the web application.

    Here, we had defined some of the basic points that a developer thinks when he is selecting the PHP Framework:

    • You should check whether the selected PHP Framework is satisfying your all project needs.
    • Checking the design patterns and robust architecture in the chosen PHP Framework will be beneficial for you to do further process.
    • The PHP Framework should provide ORM support for better database access.
    • PHP Framework should work with the best performance support for the caching.
    • The selected PHP Framework should provide built-in support for the authentication process.
    • PHP Framework should provide all the security features for the prevention of application vulnerabilities.
    • The chosen PHP Framework must provide community support and easy documentation methods.
    • The PHP Framework that you will select must be easy to learn and apply for the web application development need.

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