Parse Migration Services – Want to Migrate Your Existing App from Parse to Mongodb

    • April 18, 2016
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    Facebook’s declare that their well admired developer service platform ‘Parse’ will close by January 28, 2017. Any calls which are hosted Parse back-end service will come to an ending and stop running. It is quite recommended to cheer your consumers to upgrade with latest version of the application. Parse is a platform that assists developers to generate Backend for their mobile applications. People knew it as MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service).

    It's official that facebook would be closing Parse in the upcoming year but by making the technology open source. So, one can migrate this service to an infrastructure which is completely self hosted. If you have your numerous mobile applications which are hosted on Parse, now is the ideal moment to migrate it on a new host which can be one of these:

    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Heroku
    • Amazon AWS
    • Azure

    Parse server is an open source version of Parse backend which can be organized to any of the infrastructure that run Node.js. It’s not reliant on the hosted Parse backend. It utilizes Mongo DB directly as well as not be reliant on the database which is Parse hosted. One can easily migrate an existing application to their personal infrastructure. One can also build up and test the application locally by making use of Node. If you are thinking to migrate from Parse server which is extremely necessary, Parse Migration Services from AgileInfoways is the best room to fulfill your requirements.

    Needed technology
    • Node 4.3
    • MongoDB version 2.6.X/3.0.X
    • Python 2.x (for Windows users 2.7.1 is the required version)
    • Infrastructure provider like Heroku/AWS for deployment

    AgileInfoways perform,

    • Parse DB to Self-hosted MongoDB Migration
    • Setup of Local parse Server
    • Migrate existing App cloud code to Parse Server
    • Pointing users to Local Parse Server
    • Testing of app
    • Setup of Parse Server on Amazon AWS or Azure
    • Pointing Client to Parse Server
    • Testing of App for a second time
    • Distribute new App with the fresh back-end
    • Data transfer from ParseDB to MongoDB instance
    • Change the database in Parse app to your MongoDB instance
    • Connect your hosted Parse server to your mongo instance

    Parse has delivered full information about the migration procedure and how to shift an application from parse to separately hosted MongoDB instance. Parse has also suggested that the database be migrated by April 28, 2016 and server be migrated by July 28, 2016. This will provide you sufficient time to look after any bugs as well as assure your application operates in an appropriate manner.

    Migration will be helpful to,

    • Entrepreneurs
    • Game developers
    • Start-ups
    • Companies which are serving mobile app development services
    • Game-development startups

    It’s all the time been a terrible idea to be too much dependent on any sort of commercial service because it not long lasting always. Parse is not the first or last to shut and it is a good lesson to us all to be flexible.

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