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    Mobile Gaming – Continuously Growing Market in the Current Era of Technology

    • May 27, 2016
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    Since the era of 1990s, individuals have been utilizing their mobile phones for playing games. The field of mobile game development has distorted everything when Smartphones became popular and easily accessible. Today, there is around a large portion of Smartphone users in each corner of the world. The unstable expansion of the Smartphone business, additionally to the abundance of mobile phones has lowered the demand for mobile games.

    The development of the gaming market through the past few years has made great opportunities for the developers of mobile games. Video games are delivering numerous ideas to individuals on big & even smaller screens. With the 3D system, you will get a huge number of users enjoying and appreciating games. In the constantly changing mobile games market, it can often look like victory is unpredictable. But with the cutting-edge tool for game development, it can be possible very easily.

    Tablet gaming is flourishing like never before and there is a huge ratio of people who favor playing games on their tablet devices. Elements such as accelerometer, GPS as well as movement sensors enable players to connect with the world of gaming in various entertaining ways.

    Generally, games build for smartphones can function admirably on tablets. So it’s not just all about mobile devices. In order to furnish the entertainment requirements of smartphone users, a tone of companies have begun with the android game development and since the last couple of years, this business has seen solid growth. If as a brand you build a small mobile game, you will have immediate recognition of a brand.

    In gaming, the point of view of customers has huge importance. If you need to grab the attention of a number of users, the first thing to remember is designing perspective. You have to design a freely flowing user interface without rushing behind game coding. Keep all the things as uncomplicated as possible.

    Here are some game development tools/frameworks which give 100% to build amazing games.

    • Unity
    • Unreal Engine 4
    • NextPeer
    • Libgdx
    • App Game Kit
    • Marmalade
    • Haxe
    • Corona SDK
    • Upsight
    • DeltaDNA
    • CocoonnJS

    Today, Unity3D is the best game development engine in the market which helps to develop stunning mobile games. It supports 2D and 3D game development which is quite unusual for any game engine. So it can say that Unity is really designed for 3D games with 2D support and cross-platform support.

    There is a common myth that children are the only market for these games. In reality, everyone whether it's teenagers to adults plays these games. Smart game development brings high ROI on your investment. Casual gaming is getting bigger with time.

    Here are the top games of this week:

    • Pinchworm
    • Vector 2
    • Skater
    • Who lurks
    • One Tap Tennis


    There is a number of really addictive mobile games existing in the marketplace that will keep you entertained for a number of hours. Today the wide-ranging trend of mobile users is to utilize their handheld devices for more than different business purposes. The focal point of everybody is on enjoyment to feel fresh. Companies have already seen the great possibilities mobile game marketing plays in their marketing strategy.

    There are several people who go for professional training to work in the field of gaming. Individuals who have great experience in computer and information technology with vision and passion are best matched to work in the gaming business.

    Mobile game development is something you should absolutely take into consideration. When approached with a unique idea and a reasonable budget, the advantages of making your own game can be massive.

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