Mobile Apps For Travel And Tourism – Making Profit For Both Industries!

    • May 16, 2016
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    As for where race is increasing among the apps, the travel and tourism industry come up with new apps that are helping people when they are thinking to plan a tour. Whether people have an official tour or tour with family, there is always a need to know all the information where people are going.

    Earlier was the time when people used to carry guide books, maps, compasses and more things that help them to know the route. But today, with rapid changes in the technology where all the industries are adopting mobile apps for making their business wider how travel and tourism can lack in the market as it is the most demanded industries.

    Below is the list of all the important and usable travel and tourism apps:

    • TripIt
    • Urbanspoon
    • Citymapper
    • Photosynth
    • TouristEye - Travel Guide
    • FlightAware
    • Jetsetter
    • WeatherPro
    • Sunscreen
    • EveryTrail
    • Kayak
    • Entrain
    • XE Currency
    • Packing Pro
    • The North Face – Trailhead
    • Duolingo
    • FlightTrack

    Apps are revolving everywhere and this is the change that people have become addicted to using apps and making their life simpler. The travel and hospitality industry needs no introduction as it is the vast industry that has already got fame and name. But connecting it with mobile apps will make a boom in the market that makes people relax with the use of simple and functional travel and tourism apps.

    Below are some points that will help you to understand the user behavior towards the travel and tourism app’s usage:

    • They plan the whole journey using the app on their SmartPhone
    • Share pictures of their vacation on all social media platforms
    • Searches for the best hotel offers
    • Finds the best flight offers
    • People usually plan their vacation before going and download the app prior
    • People use GPS to get the right directions
    • Easy to buy tickets using apps on the SmartPhone
    • Searches for the best restaurant
    • Checks weather
    • Looks different maps
    • Finds the best place for the shopping purpose
    • Finds different public transportation’s time table

    Now, let’s take a look at all the beneficial points that the travel and tourism industry and tourist are facing with the apps:

    1. Easy Tour Planning With Apps:

    A travel app helps people to find various like searching for different hotels with the best available offers, searching different shopping points in the nearby area. You can get this ease by using travel and touring apps for doing all the preparations prior to going to on a vacation.

    2. Best Approach To Reach More Users:

    If you really want your travel and tourism company to make famous all over the world, then you must go with the app technology. With this technology, you will able to reach more and more users and this will ultimately make huge profits in your travel and tourism business.

    3. Service Incorporation:

    With the travel and tourism apps, people can operate many things at a single time like you can book a hotel, book a flight, do the payment, all the things on one platform called as a mobile app. You just have to download an app based on travel and tourism and then you will able to perform various activities easily.

    4. Best Used For Marketing Purpose:

    If you're aiming to improve your market status then adapting app technology is the best thing to do. Developing an app for your travel and tourism company is always beneficial as it will increase your online presence and help to make your business famous worldwide.

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