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    Mobile Applications – How Important it is for the Entertainment Brands Also?

    • May 25, 2016
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    We live in a world loaded with obligations, discouraging day to day news and many more things that make individuals’ life very hectic. People make use of entertainment to get away from the difficulty of everyday life. If any entertainment brand finds a way to deliver that kind of pleasure, they will easily win customers for life. Entertainment is significant as it unites individuals with happiness which is powerful medicine that supports health maintenance. All humans need to get some joy for which they require to some special entertainment. With such a variety of sources for entertainment now accessible, individuals have numerous options to select from in their valuable relaxation time.

    In this advanced time of digital era there has been a tremendous shift as each single industry is moving towards mobility. Throughout previous couple of years, the market of entertainment has changed radically and grasps mobile entertainment with a deep understanding of client behavior.

    These days there is no need to bother for TV, theaters, DVD, casinos, games and all this stuff for entertainment as the hand-held gadgets in our pockets can deliver all this anywhere, anytime. The mobile applications have turned into the one stop shop for any sort of entertainment. Performance is everything when it comes to media and entertainment applications. In any conditions, if the clients have to wait for the buffering of games or postponement regarding their transactions, definitely they will on the spot move to a website of competitor. Whether your business is regarding news, gaming, gambling or video, it’s all about conveyance & responsiveness and all that relies upon high-performing mobile application.

    Top Android Apps for Entertainment Industry:

    • GDocs
    • TuneWiki
    • Palringo
    • Ringdroid
    • Locale
    • PicSay
    • Netflix
    • YouTube
    • Periscope

    Top iOS Apps for Entertainment Industry:

    • SoundCloud
    • TuneIn Radio
    • IMDB
    • VLC for iOS
    • SoundHound
    • i.Tv
    • Hotstar

    There are more mobile devices in the world compare to total number of computers and television. Even though the internet advantages of traditional websites, mobile apps are getting more and more attention as days are passing. This is because high ratio of the customers now basically surfing the internet by making use of their mobile phones or tablets. So all the brands are getting more and more involved with mobile application. It's essential for them to have mobile app if they really want to succeed in this constantly changing competitive marketplace. There are number of benefits having a mobile application for any business such as,

    • Build relationships and loyalty
    • Reinforce your brand
    • Increase your visibility
    • Expand sell-through
    • Improve social networking strategies
    • Help to generate repeat business
    • Connect with the customers
    • Ensures ease
    • Quick scheduling of appointments
    • Reduce costs
    • And many more

    Mobile applications have one obvious benefit in general; a well-created application can offer a far better user experience than even the best sites are able to do at this moment. If you correctly optimize your mobile app, you will see yourself succeeding in the mobile space.

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