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    Mobile Application Metrics that matter – A targeted way to increase mobile app downloads!

    • January 27, 2016
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    Mobile application developers are building various types of apps for all types of users. Mobile App development is an easy task for all experienced developers but it needs a lot of practice for developing an error-free app.

    Now, the point comes which says how to identify mobile app downloads number and find a way to increase it more? At this point, mobile application metrics come into the picture and people want to apply them in their mobile app development strategy. The number of downloads for an app is very important as it shows the popularity as well as the importance of that app among all people.

    The following are the metrics that fall into the category of user engagement:

    1. Session Length

    The length of the session defines that in a single session how much time a customer spends on your app.

    2. Session Interval

    How regularly clients launch your application?

    3. Apps screens per session

    How many sites of the app does a client launch in a single attempt at the session?

    4. Events conversion rates

    How many event actions get completed by users when they are visiting the app?

    5. Communications

    How many clients did actually respond to the messages or how many clients are messaged?

    6. Opt-Ins

    This tells a number of sign up done by clients for the purpose of alerts and notifications.

    7. Opt-Outs

    Opt-outs tell about the request alerts and different notifications.

    Above described are the points which tell about the user behavior when they visit to see your app or download it. All these points are needed to give proper attention if you are really in the need to increase app downloads. If you want to make your mobile app the star in the city, then for this cause, you are required to do the proper analysis.

    For the purpose of doing proper analysis after the app's release on the market, it is required to calculate the precise metrics and follow the right path for completing your targeted goals.

    The app developer is always curious after the introduction of a mobile app in the market for knowing the people’s feedback and responses. By seeing the mobile app metrics, it is possible to get a detailed description of all the activity that is done by a user when he is downloading your app or visit the app’s page.

    Below is the description of mobile app metrics that are important:

    Mobile Application Acceptance

    In mobile application acceptance, it lets people get all the details about the number of apps installs or downloads by different users or employees. It also takes the figure in terms of percentage as numbers can be misleading at times. If a mobile application gets downloaded or installed by users then it doesn’t mean that it has become famous in the market. It just defines that the app has made a good start in the market.

    Experience of User regarding the apps running

    It provides all the necessary information from users when they install and run your app. An app is running in the right ways or not? How many app crash cases have come to the present date? People’s experience when they use the app. Users always go with the smooth & best user experience while accessing the app’s functions. When they didn’t found any of the expected features they will definitely uninstall that app in a second. You have to think according to a user’s point of view and take care of the user experience point.

    Funnel act

    Funnel acts show mainly four stages that are like user onboarding, user engagement, user conversation, and user retention. The behavior of these four points differs on each stage. It is very vital to track funnel behavior on each level. Funnel behavior will help to know about each stage in a detailed manner and this depends on the app’s productivity, customer service, and eCommerce, and many different points.

    The Accomplishment of the set goals

    At this point, set your goals for each app & target them for getting the desired result. Goals differ for every app as they fall into different categories. Every app has different features and needs for getting more downloads. For accomplishing your app’s goal, work in the right direction, and face more downloads and installs for that particular app.

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    There are many different mobile app metrics which are defined in the market for the analytics purpose.

    Such a range of mobile application metrics as stated below

    • Tracking the apps installation number
    • Usage and retention
    • Break-even metrics
    • Cohort analysis
    • Custom metrics
    • Apps strategy
    • Lifetime value
    • Length of session
    • Active users
    • Revenue per user
    • Launch and load time of an app
    • User acquisition
    • Customer experience and happiness when they use an app
    • The flow of the screen
    • Past metrics
    • App’s crashes number
    • Cost per install or download
    • Engagement of user when they visit the app’s page
    • Number of registrations and subscriptions
    • Number of pages or screen that are accessed by a user during his app’s visit

    Apps are making people’s lives easier and simpler day by day and this is the reason that app developers are developing more and more apps.

    Technology is booming and this is the reason for the app’s market growth. If you also want to keep your position in the market and want to make your app rule among all people then just focus on all the mobile metrics points and try to solve every single problem. In this manner, you will definitely be able to increase your app’s downloads and make your app superior to all other presents in the market.

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