Messaging Apps – Today's Trend which is Mounting Rapidly on the App Stores

    • March 7, 2016
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    As the scope of apps is increasing in the market, now there are many different apps available in the market. But if we take a close look at the app's market status, we will come to know that message apps are increasing throughout the world. Mostly, the boom in apps is seen in two types of fields i.e. one is gaming apps and the second is social network apps. Facebook has increased the messaging concept all over the world as it provides the facility to connect with your friends all over the world.

    In today’s time, millions and billions of people are using SmartPhones, and this has brought a new revolution in the technology-based world. Because of this reason, mobile apps are reaching the sky and people are every day demanding new kinds of apps. App developers are working hard to match people’s app requirements and trying their best to deliver.

    In the year 2016, people are expecting to see more and more messaging apps that too with new styles. As there are many types of messaging apps available in the market like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, etc. Millions of people are using these apps for the purpose of communication. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are the two strong messaging apps that people are using in a huge manner. But people also prefer other messaging apps and every time expects to face something new and unique.

    The list is long when we talk about mobile messaging applications. Some of them are listed below;

    • Facebook Messenger
    • WhatsApp
    • WeChat
    • Viber
    • Line
    • MessageMe
    • Voxer
    • HeyTell
    • TextNow
    • Talkatone
    • Keek
    • SnapChat
    • GroupMe
    • Hike
    • ChatOn
    • Skype
    • BBM
    • Rounds
    • Google Hangouts
    • Cubie
    • Nimbuzz
    • Kakao Talk
    • Kik and many more

    The trend of messaging apps is mostly among youngsters and teenagers. Mostly, these people are addicted to the usage of chit chat mobile applications. That’s why app developers are driving to build apps that will attract a teenager's attention. The scope of app development has increased a lot and because of this competition, it has become a major problem to shine in such a competitive market with your product.

    Here are some of the Chief Benefits that are attached to the Usage of Mobile Messaging Applications;

    Notification Acts as a Reminder:

    When you get a message on your mobile, then a notification is displayed on your mobile screen indicating that you had not read the message yet. Notification acts as reminders as it helps a person to read all of his messages. This provides great help to a person who has sent the message and even better when the message is urgently required to read.

    Location Identification is Easy:

    Nowadays, messaging apps are increasing adding new features and one of the most important features is location identification. Many of the messaging apps make another person know his location when they are interacting. This type of feature is common and found in plenty of apps like Hangouts, Facebook, and many more.

    Uninterrupted Communication:

    To face uninterrupted communication with messaging apps, it is required to choose the best app. Whether it is an Android app or an iOS app, the main thing lies in facing a seamless conversation. The instant messaging app will help you to maintain a good flow while chatting with your loved ones or even when you are facing an important official conversation.

    Does Not Require any Calling for the Conversation:

    If you're at such a place where you are not getting a proper network, in that case, messaging apps show their power. You will need only an internet connection or Wi-Fi to start the communication process through chats. This is the most effective alternation for staying in touch with your family.

    Emojis and Stickers Add Interest in the Communication Process:

    With the increase of messaging apps, the trend of using it also has changed. Now, people love using a different style of Emojis and Stickers in their conversion process. People really love crazy Emojis and because of this reason, app developers are focusing on inserting a variety of Emojis and Stickers while the messaging app development process. With the use of Smileys in the conversation, people feel relax and enjoy chatting. This will help people to become fresh and reduce their stress.

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