Look out for the Internet Of Things (IoT) definition – Devices communicating via the Internet

    • May 18, 2015
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    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a newly evolved technology, that most people are making use of, still unaware about its existence, To all those users and technology lovers, here is an informative fragment for the most talked-about the computer system.

    IoT carries a central idea of connectivity of physical objects through the internet, for advanced exchange of data. It allows data to be easily managed in order to extract information of the object with an embedded computer system within. As an example, consider the RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) tags. A bio-chip attached to the body of an animal helps us in animal identification or even checking for diseases. That fixed with a railway engine, helps to measure its speed. These are some of the elementary cases.

    Going into deeper detail i.e. the advanced levels, IoT has got applications in enormous fields in the universe. Those fields include the Medical, Environmental Studies, Manufacture, Media, Infrastructure, and lot more.

    Applications of “IoT”:-

    • IoT aids in environmental monitoring to know the water quality, soil, and atmospheric conditions, with the help of sensors.
    • Simple to complex infrastructures like railway tracks, flyovers can be supervised, Cases of risks can be judged sitting at remote locations & related safety measures shall be taken.
    • Medical & health care usage is among the most important applications of IoT. Implanting a heart monitor, observing the blood pressure are a few of its examples.
    • Vehicle and Transportation include the special importance of IoT.
    • Smart Parking, smartphone detection, Traffic Congestion, Natural Hazard early detection, NFC Payment, Shopping Applications, etc, are all such areas where IoT has been made effective use of, for the people’s well being.
    • The list does not end here. There are 100s of such applications where IoT can show its magic for the welfare of the animate.

    Now that we've understood, the range where "Internet of Things" can be adapted, it becomes necessary to know how it works?

    Here we go with the Working Procedure of IoT:

    • With the introduction of IPv6, larger address space and a larger number of addresses are now available. With that has boosted the implementation of IoT tags.
    • The devices are given those addresses.
    • Devices can communicate with each other and the internet via wireless radios like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, Z-Wave, etc.
    • Next, there are the sensors, automatic locks, and other smart objects, by themselves or a central connector which play their roles as per the set protocols.
    • The low bandwidth, low power technology also considers the privacy of the users to some extent.

    One thing to be noticed is that, when there are so many advantages, there have to be some Unfavorable factors like:

    • A perfect combination of all devices is a bit doubtful.
    • Increasing network poses a danger of security and privacy.

    With regard to the modern future, “IoT” will be used in almost all inanimate objects with a wireless connection. This will be with a motive for the betterment of those living, whether animals or mankind.

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