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    Legal Issues In Mobile App Development – Important Things To Consider!

    • May 25, 2016
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    Mobile apps have become the most needed thing for today’s smart generation. SmartPhones are capturing the market by providing easy ways for people to access and everything with just one tap on their mobile screen. Every single day mobile apps are hitting the market for different fields providing unique features every time. As soon as the app gets introduced in the market, hackers work hard to access their personal information. That's why it is suggested that while you are going to develop an app, you should keep in mind all the legal aspects that are associated with app security.

    The mobile apps market is becoming the most wanted one in the city and this beneficial for the app developers as they will get more ways to develop different types of apps for people's needs. Mobile app development companies are facing huge profits as the demand for app development is increasing widely in the city. Every single field, whether it is technical or non-technical is approaching for developing an app for their business. The Google Play Store and Apple Store are there for downloading apps as per the user's need. There are millions & billions of apps present in the whole world.

    Here is the list of industries in which apps are making huge profits:

    • E-Commerce
    • Banking
    • Airlines
    • Railways
    • Medical
    • Health and Fitness
    • Cooking
    • Online Shopping
    • Automobile
    • Environment
    • Restaurants
    • Financial services
    • Travel and tourism
    • Church
    • Oil and gas industry
    • Corporate field
    • Millennials
    • School and college students

    Now, let’s take a look at the legal issues that are connected with app development:

    1. Configuring Entity:

    If you are a business owner then you might save yourself from all types of legal issues that may arise and in the worse condition can take you to court. You should be prepared for facing all things and try to avoid future problems. The best way to keep you away from any kind of legal aspects is to set up an LLC (Limited Liability Company). If you had done all the things in a legal and correct manner, then nobody can take any kind of action against you and your business. With the LLC, you will able to save your app business company, whether it is small or big from facing any kind of loss.

    2. Maintaining Confidentiality

    You should take some strict steps for protecting all the confidential information of your business from any unwanted & unauthorized party. The technology-based world is very competitive and to make a place in such an aggressive market is the topmost need of people. So, whenever you get an idea regarding the app development, then before sharing it with any other person you should think twice and follow the necessary measures to protect the idea from any third party person.

    Developing an app will require the involvement of app developers, designers, and copywriters, so when you will discuss your idea with them, you must sign the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with them. Signing the NDA will not give the guarantee to keep your app’s idea secure, but will provide you an opportunity to take serious legal action against the person who will disclose your app’s idea in the market.

    3. Protecting App’s Intellectual Property Rights

    All the work which is involved in the app development process comes under the intellectual property rights like, name of the app, logo of the app, app’s designs, app’s graphics, app’s source code, and more. IP plays an important role in building an app in the market. Your IP should be unique and should get registered in your name with all the legal processes. You should buy the app name & app logo to protect your app’s intellectual property rights. If in case, anyone copies your IP rights then you can case on them as you had done all the things legally from the starting point of app development.

    4. Privacy

    Privacy is highly important when you are taking a user’s personal and sensitive personal information (SPI) for example, name, address, email address, phone number, location, date of birth and etc. All this information is sensitive & should not get leaked in any case. There is always a full requirement to save this information from any unauthorized party or third party.

    5. Jurisdiction

    If you want to release your app worldwide then you should first clear all the confusion regarding the laws related to the app releasing in the country. There are different laws in different countries that are required to get followed in the proper manner. You should hire an attorney person to make you understand all the laws & help in doing all the legal work which is related to the app.

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