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    Kotlin App Development: A New Era of Android App Development

    • August 4, 2021
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    Kotlin is the language of choice for the Android development industry. In the last few years, Kotlin is used by 7.8% of industry experts. Based on StackOverflow, Kotlin is among the 4th most liked languages with about 62% votes. It's among the top 3 languages mainly used to migrate their apps in 2021. It is used by companies like Amazon, Google, Netflix, Trello, etc. Also, Uber and Pinterest are companies that migrate their apps to Kotlin from Java.

    In 2017, Google marked a new epoch in the swiftly evolving field of Android app development by announcing its support for Kotlin. Kotlin is one statically-typed programming language that runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). It was developed by JetBrains, YouTrack, and other IDE solutions. Kotlin offers an impressive result in writing an iOS app that supports iOS, Android, and another browser through web apps.

    The popularity of Kotlin reaches +another level altogether where it rapidly grows for both prime mobile platforms. Additionally, Kotlin gave rise to a bunch of queries that embrace the popularity of programming languages. If you're wondering whether to switch to Kotlin from Java, then here in this post, we help you clear the doubt.

    What is Kotlin?

    In the year 2011, Kotlin was invented, and in a short period, it has stolen the limelight by turning it into a reliable programming language. The syntax is incompatible with Java and is used mainly for building applications for different Android platforms. Surprisingly, it is capable of interoperating with Java codes. Kotlin now has entered the competition of making everyone wonder who would be the ultimate ruler of the cross-platform application market.

    The battle between Kotlin vs Java

    battle between Kotlin vs Java

    1) Kotlin is easy to compare to Java.

    People most choose Kotlin over Java as it's easy to learn. Anyone can learn Kotlin with no prior knowledge of mobile app development. In addition, a programming language can be written in a quick time. If you're familiar with Java or C#, then it can be an extra benefit for you.

    2) Get full support from Android studio.

    Developers extend their support from Android studio and get the awareness of the adaptation tools. It's interesting to note that while working on the Kotlin language, the developer can choose Java simultaneously. Any Java practitioner can easily understand the Kotlin language.

    3) Kotlin uses the best approach for programming.

    When an Android developer opts for a programming approach, one can have several options for disposal. With passing time, it becomes different to pick a particular programming paradigm. If you don't want to mess up with creating confusion, go for Kotlin, which offers the best combination of functional and procedural programming.

    4) Kotlin offers precise and reliable codes.

    Between Java and Kotlin, both are comfortable to the developer with their respective experience if you write fewer codes which means fewer bugs. At the same time, Java comes with long coding. Kotlin has its code reliability, and it is observed that the developer faces problems related to runtime errors. Additionally, developers should know that null pointers help in writing an appropriate code free from mistakes.

    5) Controlling the consistency of data

    Data consistency is one of the most significant advantages of Kotlin over Java. It's indeed a blessing for Android developers that they don't have to take pains of going for the manual command system to keep up data uniformly. We find a couple of options to change it and represent it via keyword 'var' and secondly through 'val'. Whereas in the case of Java, the keyword 'final' is used.

    6) In data classes, Kotlin beats Java.

    Kotlin excels over Java concerning data classes. The class can create storage houses where data is stored and indicated through a prefix like Val or var. It's a time-saving process where codes can be read easily.

    Pros and Cons of Kotlin App Development

    Pros of Kotlin App Development

    • It's super easy to switch from Java to Kotlin.
    • Kotlin is more concise than Java.
    • It contains an intelligent extension function that helps to create explicit APIs.
    • It places null directly in system type.
    • Kotlin comes with developers who benefit from the Anko library.

    Cons of Kotlin App Development

    • Slower Compilation speed compared to Java
    • The steep learning curve when you switch to Kotlin from Java
    • It comes with a smaller developer community
    • Auto-complete and compilation of Android studio tend to get slower than Java.

    Beneficial Kotlin Features

    Kotlin is Open-source: The one thing about Kotlin is it is an open-source programming language and is super easy to learn. It provides a single-click tool from which developers can convert their existing java code with ease.

    Kotlin Support Full Java Interoperability: It comes with one best feature: full interoperability support with Java. It makes the developer's life easier by saving a lot of time and effort. If you're looking to access a Kotlin method from the java class, you can do it without any extra parameters.

    Kotlin comes with Lazy-Loading Features: Lazy loading helps increase the start-up time and is helpful for Android development. In simple terms, the feature helps developers to load the only resource into the main memory essential. 

    Data Classes in Kotlin: The data class is always argued with its programming language designers. A data class in Java contains a lot of boilerplate code, which a developer has to skip to find out the actual use of the class.

    Collection Filtering: We know that working with an API means the developers need to deal with collection often. By using Kotlin's collection filtering feature, it's easier to get a result. Also, using built-in Kotlin is a comparable easy programming language like Swift collection types or Java.

    What do Agile Infoways think?

    Suppose you planned for Android app development for both Kotlin and Java languages for various app types. In that case, our experts believe that Kotlin has a series of benefits that places it several points ahead of Java. With passing time, Kotlin replaces Java to have community support which later comes with an uncontested. Several businesses choose an Android app development company like us, which holds expertise in Kotlin and Java. Hire Kotlin Developer or Hire java developers and develop an app based on your requirement.

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