Is It Worth To Value Big Data & App Analytics In Todays & Era for a new competitive advantage?

    • December 28, 2015
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    As IoT and Wearable marketplace enhancing every single day, the demand for application performance tracking, as well as analysis, will increase amongst the leaders in several endeavors. There will be a more focal point on Big Data and Analytics in 2016. Mobile App Developers will keep on focusing on new data collection methodologies in their applications to get bits of knowledge and noteworthy things to satisfy the client's expectations 100% & build more interesting apps.

    The Fifth International Conference on Data Analytics- “DATA ANALYTICS 2016”, October 9-13, 2016- Venice, Italy will proceeds the initiative event on different basics in the support of data analytics, special mechanisms and features of applying principals of app-oriented analytics, target-area analytics as well as data analytics.

    Big data acquires its first official standard at the ITU. Chaesub Lee- director of the International Telecommunication Union's Telecommunication Standardization Bureau, says that "This new ITU standard offers internationally agreed fundamentals of cloud-based big data". "It will build cohesion in the terminology utilized to describe cloud-based big data and offer a common basis for the development of big data services and supporting technical standards."

    The goal behind ITU approval on voluntary big data standards is to create new international frameworks for cloud computing. Big data Computing is turning into an exceptionally desired and researched application subject. Today with the quick progress of big data science, analytics, and technology, big data specialists, as well as application experts, can access different data mining and machine learning algorithms, open-source platforms, tools, cloud DB technology, and big data access technologies. There is a number of Hadoop tools to crunch big data.

    The analysis says that big market data will be nearly $50B by 2019. In the future, it may happen that Big data, Cloud, DevOps, IoT will be a true market disruptor. There are a number of trending topics in big data and analytics such as:

    • The evolution of DevOps as well as DevOps tools
    • Log management will be a big chance for IT operations and for the customer support team as well
    • CISO operations to put more in System Intelligence
    • BI value shifts from on-premise solutions delivering rear-window insights to solutions that offer constant intelligence in real-time
    • The growth of architectures

    AgileInfoways conveys end-to-end solutions of Big Data with eCommerce and ERP services globally. We empower organizations to conceptualize big data programs across various domains and focus areas. It will enable them to accomplish awesome operational proficiency as well as boost revenue.

    We help you to make actionable insights from your big data initiatives. We have the ability to manage an extensive range of technology platforms over the different focus areas of a big data initiative.

    Big data tools are also significant as enterprises dealing with increasing stores of data from multiple sources.

    • Jaspersoft BI Suite
    • Tableau Desktop & Server
    • Karmasphere Studio and Analyst
    • Pentaho Business Analytics
    • Skytree Server
    • Talend Open Studio
    • Splunk
    • ThoughtSpot 3.0

    AgileInfoways provides Big data as a service (BdaaS). It helps organizations to understand and use insights earned from large sets of information in order to catch a competitive benefit. We utilize all the cutting edge tools to serve honored clients as per their stipulated terms. We understand that the success of any project is observed by the value it brings.

    There are plenty of benefits of Big Data if you have done your homework:

    • Re-develop your product
    • Customize your website in real-time
    • Perform risk analysis
    • Offer enterprise-wide insights
    • Create new revenue streams
    • Keeping your data safe
    • Reduce maintenance cost
    • Offer custom-made health care

    Big data is timely, convenient, holistic, reliable, relevant, secure, important, authoritative as well as actionable. So get the best out of it.

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