iOS 11 is Released with its Beta Version for Developers’ Preview

    • June 10, 2017
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    iOS is no doubt the most standard and lovable mobile operating system all over the world. iOS 11 is coming with exceptional and awesome features that will make customer surprise and happy. The use and functionality of iPad will enhance more than before. iPhone will look better and more functional than it was before. The touch of Augmented Reality will make its reach more useful and enjoyable for people who love games and are addicted to using apps. iOS 11 will make iPhone and iPad more powerful, smarter and intelligent devices.

    Let’s see iOS 11 top 5 features:

    1. iPad with Enhanced iOS 11 Power

    iPad was always used by people to play games and perform different work on it. iOS 11 has made iPad more powerful than it was before. With new brand features and capabilities, you will get a chance to work fast and easily. This will make your iPad more personal and powerful.

    2. Pay your Friends using Apple Pay

    With awesome iOS 11 version, you can pay anyone by using an iMessage or also you can tell Siri to pay anyone using credit or debit card which is stored in their wallet. Once the payment is done, your money will go in the Apple Pay Cash and then it can be sent to people through Apple Pay. Also, it can be transferred to bank account. Make easy and flexible payments with Apple Pay.

    3. Siri Translations

    Now, Siri can translate English words and phrases into different languages like French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and more. This feature is announced at the Keynote conference. This is awesome as when you will visit China and want to understand their language then you can directly instruct Siri to translate it into your preferable language instead of going to Google Assistant App.

    4. Automatic App Deletion

    iOS 11 is bringing an option for deleting apps automatically with the help of a feature Offload Unused Apps. This feature is useful when you are having low storage space as this feature will help you to get rid of the apps that you are not using frequently. Also, it will bring back the app and data when you will need that app. By pressing the app’s grayed-out icon you can restore the app. Those who are having 16GB iPhones will be happier with this feature.

    5. Screen Capture

    iOS 11 will allow you to capture screen in the current WWDC event and developers are looking the beta version. You will able to record the screen from the Control Center to capture whatever on your screen.

    To get an experience about the latest version of iOS then refer Apple iOS 11 beta program.

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