Important Factors to Consider for the Success of Mobile Apps

    • September 7, 2017
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    Today, Mobile Phones have become an essential part of our lives. Our daily routine lifestyle has totally dependent on SmartPhones. When it comes to Mobile Devices, then mobile apps automatically come into the picture. As every industry is competing with each other to build the best mobile app and present among all the audience to face a huge profit in their particular business. There are millions of mobile apps present currently on the App Store. But the question comes here, what unique and attractive your app has that the other is not having.

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    The customer always looks for something new and attractive to try and there comes your role to provide the best app to your every valuable customer. In such a competitive world, you have to be up-to-date and unique at every point to make your app rule the App Store. There are many things that one should keep in mind while developing a Mobile App. You must follow the right procedure while developing the mobile app for your core business area. All these can happen when you will choose the right mobile app development company for getting the expected and best outcomes.

    Here are some useful tips for making your app a real hit on the App Store

    1) Keep your Registration Form Short and Simple

    It is always said that "Your FIRST Impression is your LAST Impression". That's why when you have a real app idea, at first focus on its right execution for avoiding future problems. The first phase of an app starts with the registration form process. If you will keep a long and complex registration form, the customer will find it difficult to fill and will leave your app in a second. To avoid such immediate ignorance, just make sure to provide an attractive and engaging registration form to keep the user engaged on your app. Make sure to keep only such forms that are important and the customer should not have any problem by filling in that information. Always think from the customer's point of view before you launch your app and see at what points you are facing irritations while filling the registration form. By keeping the general forms and some offers, you will keep the customer engaged to complete the registration process.

    2) Make Sure your App Loads Quickly

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    When it comes to patience, it is a proven fact that humans are so impatient and have no tolerance power. If we talk about app loading time, then this is 100% correct that no single person can wait for a long time and wait for your app to completely load. Your mobile app should not take more than 15 seconds to load. If the app is taking 20 seconds then also it will prove to be a complete failure. Because the user will find it time taking and will immediately uninstall or delete your app from the mobile phone. The customer will find some other mobile app from your competitor that doesn’t take much loading time. Make your mobile app loading time as fast as you can. Different mobile devices have different CPU and RAM capacity and these things also play a major role in handling the loading time of the app.

    3) Keep the App Size Smaller

    At the time when you are developing a mobile app, just keep in mind to keep the mobile app lightweight. Because the smaller will be your app size, the more effective it will work for customers. Your mobile app should have a small size to suit customers’ mobile devices. If the customer will find that your app is taking too much space and is consuming so much data while downloading then it will create a bad impact. The customer will immediately uninstall or stop the downloading process. Some apps take more space but those require external memory and are high-level enterprise apps. You must try to keep the app size smaller that suit customers’ phone storage.

    4) Develop an Easy to Use Mobile App

    Don't rush for unnecessary features on your mobile. Keep it simple and clear for every customer to easily understand. People usually think that by adding a lot of features to the app, you will make it enticing to the targeted customers. But actually, you are making it bulky and confusing for customers to navigate and understand your app. Just follow the right app development process and add only usable and required features in the app. This will clear the user's mind while using the mobile app and he will easily navigate your mobile application. You should think in such a way that your app should get understood by a 10-year-old kid. Such an app will really rock the App Store and users will love to use it.

    5) Make it Freely Available

    Never think to make your mobile app paid on the App Store. There are millions of apps available in the App Store and that too free of cost. So making your app payable will make no difference and no one will download your app. Your app will flop before coming into the picture. Just keep your app free to use and download for the customer and add value to your app. You will earn a lot of money later on when your app will get a million downloads and users will use it. At first, just focus on presenting your mobile app in the correct manner on the App Store as per the customer's requirement and mindset.

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