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    How Will You Design An App In A Fascinating Manner?

    • June 21, 2016
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    We all know how App is important in today’s time and what are the different features and uses that various apps are providing to people. With the boom of SmartPhones in the market, people are diverting to the use of mobile applications. The reason behind such doing is that by using mobile apps, people will be able to face the needed features in a full easy manner. It is very important for everybody to be updated in the technology-based world where technology is increasing rapidly day by day.

    Mobile app design matters a lot like the first impression that the user gets of your app is by seeing your app. And it is said that “First Impression Is The Last Impression”. So you should never let go of the chance of making your first impression as the best one among your all customers present in the market. The time is changing and the way of using the apps is also changing among people. Now, every single person has a SmartPhone and access all the things from the phone only.

    The use of Personal Computers and Laptops has been decreased a lot as the whole scenario are replacing by the use of SmartPhones, Tablets, iPads, etc. This is very important for people to make the right choice if they're willing to be updated in the market. From the business point of view, mobile app design should be considered as the most important thing to focus on and perform correctly. Your app design shows the full impact of your business so it should be perfect and match your business requirements.

    Let's take a look at different points that are connected with the development of a fantastic, amazing, beautiful & most enhancing mobile app design:

    Target User Experience While Designing An App:

    If you will conduct a survey on the market for knowing the SmartPhone users then you'll found that every second person is using a SmartPhone for conducting his/her daily tasks. As now there are apps in every industry so it has become so easy to satisfy the needs using the app through the mobile device. It's very important to focus on the UX of your mobile app design and for that reason; you should hire the best designer for building the most attractive app with the unique and best design.

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    Pay Attention On The Element Spacing:

    On the canvas or monitor or screen when you will place a dot or a word or a line then the margins and padding will get done. By defining the proper heights and widths on the margins and padding, you will be able to maintain consistency in the width and height.

    Hazy Background

    The hazy background is ruling on web design since the year 2015 and it has been changed a little bit. The hazy or even we can call it blurred background provides better chances for the designers to avoid the difficult bright design and focus on the button which makes some call on the action and this will help to increase the number of downloads making benefit in the business. With the hazy background, you can show up the text area and make the whole picture beautiful.

    Colors Can Generate Pyramids:

    Color plays the most important role when one is designing the app design. The whole impact of your app design totally depends on what type of color you are choosing for designing the application. Deciding the color for the button in the apps is the most crucial task as the whole impact of the app will get decided by the mobile application. Usually, we have the red color for the cancel button that warns people about something not to do and the green color for the positive impact that shows you must go for it. Just make sure when you are choosing the color for the whole app’s design and face the best result in the app downloads.

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    Simple Design Is The Key To Success:

    People always love the simple design when they are accessing mobile apps or even it is the same in the case of a website. The navigations and dropdowns of the mobile app are required to make in smooth ways for giving simplicity to the users who are accessing the app. The menu and navigation of an app should be smooth for providing a user with the best experience with hassle-free access. The menus and dropdowns and navigation should always be designed in such ways that it gives a professional look and deliver the right and understandable information to the user.

    New Scrolling:

    The app which has more images or long clicks makes a user feel frustrated and irritated. But designing the smooth scrolling in the app will make the whole user experience awesome. The user will enjoy accessing the app which has the scroller in the app as it gives a better way to access the app.

    Describe Elements And Then Go For Using Them:

    If you're making the choice of green color for the submit button then you have to choose the same color all over where you'll define the submit button. Likewise, if you're choosing 25px padding for the screen then you're required to maintain the same flow in the full app designing process.

    Big And Bold Fonts:

    The concept of using bold and big fonts in the app is awesome as it increases the chances of viewing your app more and more by users. As the big fonts always attract users and this is the reason for increasing the customer base. Now a day’s people like such apps that are beautiful and give the right meaning in just one look. That’s why it is important to go for the right app designing as the whole thing depends on the design of the app.

    User Interface According To The Context:

    An app can identify the location of a user and this is possible because of the context. Like an app can detect the location of a store, petrol pumps, and many more. The user interface of an app totally depends on the context.

    3D Design For Big Screens:

    As SmartPhones are revolving around the world, the impact of 3D is still present for using it in mobile applications. With the increase of types of SmartPhones like Tablets, iPads, Phablet which comes in both i.e., SmartPhone and Tablet, and many other devices, the impact of focusing on the app design is also increasing. Now there is more need to focus on the app design that supports 3D effect as every time the design of an app changes according to the app theme. It is very important to add some interacting elements for grasping user’s interest and making your app more famous all over the world.

    App Design Keeping In Mind About The Wearable Devices:

    The screen size of SmartPhones is increasing day by day and this is the reason for the rise of wearables devices. The need for making a better design for an app comes from the adapting effect of wearables to the mobile app. Your app design should adapt itself to the changing font, style, and color according to the current needs of the connecting wearable.

    Wrap up

    We are dealing in the field of app design and development as both of the processes are handled by the app developers and app designers. Our excellent app development and designing team at AgileInfoways is working fantastically to serve the client in the best possible ways. We are having years of experience in managing app development and app design projects. Our dedicated app designers and app developers are skilled in managing the client’s project.

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