How To Build An E-Commerce App With An Eye-Catching User Interface?

    • June 21, 2016
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    If you own an online store and want to acquire customers effectively, then you need to offer them the best possible customer experience. In today’s busy world, the most important touchpoint is the application should offer seamless mobile experiences. Based on the survey, 60% is from mobile traffic while 80% of shoppers check out stores before shopping.  

    Let’s look at the Key of Mobile Commerce Statistics

    • 80% of users are from the US and make most of the shopping online
    • By the year 2021, the mobile sale will increase to $420 billion
    • Mobile shoppers can spend twice as much money as other customers
    • 50% of smartphone users buy from their company-specific apps
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    Now, as we have seen the growing importance of E-Commerce business all over the world. People are getting involved in online shopping apps. People benefited by using E-Commerce apps. There are so many questions regarding E-Commerce apps, and people are demanding daily new things in the field of online shopping. The E-Commerce market is tough to keep users engaged in the app, as there are many e-commerce apps in the market. People are confused about how to build an eCommerce mobile app that helps to earn better profits. 

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    According to Google, the bounce rates on mobile sites will increase to 32% per page load. It estimated that the bounce rate would increase by 90% with the loading time of five-second and 106% from one second to three-second. Mobile apps have become necessary for all businesses. On average, individuals spend four to five hours on mobile devices each day and 10% on a mobile web browser. 

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    Still not convinced? Let our eCommerce mobile app development ways do the talking.

    We're here to list some of the best ways for building the best E-Commerce app design that will make a user go crazy. Below is the list:

     1. Keep Your Menu Simple and Understandable:

    Managing the Menu Bar of an app is the most challenging work. Where mobile developers are required to focus on achieving this work. The menu should be kept in such a way that the products will show in a proper hierarchy. There should not be too much data as users will get confused and irritated. By keeping the menu systematic & precise, the products will get displayed according to their preferences. It will make a user feel happy and will properly sort the products.

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    2. Uncomplicated and Organized User Interface:

    The UI (User Interface) of an E-Commerce app is essential to define in the perfect ways. While designing the UI, there are a lot of things that an app developer needs to keep in his mind. The first and foremost thing is to keep the screen size small as this is what you are developing for a SmartPhone, Desktop Computer, or Laptop. You should always choose the best eCommerce Development Services for making your e-store attractive and usable as per customer needs. Check the developer portal to generate leads

    The second thing is about the content that you are going to display on the UI of the app, as by seeing the content and design of an app, a user will decide to choose the app. The design of your app should be uncomplicated & informative that will help people to understand the primary motive of the app. It would help if you displayed only the highlighted things of your business on the front portion of the app as it will attract users.

    3. Make the Size of Selected Items Bigger and Show Them One By One:

    You should go with the increased size of the selected items and go for displaying them one by one. By providing the facility for making the picture chosen large, you can get more and more conversions. If a user can see the images according to his flexibility, then definitely your E-Commerce app will get a bulk of downloads.

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    4. Steady and robust Navigation:

    The navigation of an app should design with more considerations. It is said because the E-Commerce websites usually have big menus and submenus for displaying the different categories, promotions, and sections. But in the case of the E-Commerce App, the screen of SmartPhones is small as compared to desktop computers and laptops. So, you have to think about the navigation accordingly and go for selecting only those categories which are essential to display. Also, you should keep the name of the group in one word, and that one word should convey the exact purpose of that particular category or section.

    User needs to Understand simple things like:

    • What brand they are dealing with
    • Where are searches and filtered done
    • Where the menu is located
    • What pages they are in
    • How long the page-loading process will take
    • Check detailed information about the item
    • How would they pay for an item?
    • How they can contact seller
    • How a user can see review and rating  

    5. Appropriate Filters:

    E-Commerce Apps are famous for providing different clothes, accessories, and other usable things that are required for people in their daily life. Providing appropriate filters in E-Commerce apps, a person can securely find his desired product. Usually, the standard filters that we have seen in all the E-Commerce apps are Men, Women, and Kids. But to go in the deep searching, there is a full requirement of providing better filters. With the best filters, you can make your customer’s shopping experience the best.

    6. Ignore the Time-Consuming Signup and Checkout Process:

    People don’t like long signup forms and the same in the case of the checkout form, as the whole development process makes them irritated and they close the site or app from which they were thinking to shop. To avoid such changes, you should make simpler ways for people to do the login like using their personal social media accounts and allow them to face an excellent shopping experience.

    7. Display The “Add to Cart” Button at A Proper Viewable Place:

    When a person is shopping on an E-Commerce app then when he will final his product for buying then the app must have a clear “add to cart” button and "buy now" button. When both these buttons properly show at your app, then a user will feel much relaxed in completing the last step of buying the product. This way you can even increase your sales and your business will get a boom in the market.

    Wrap up:

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