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    Why is it important to have a Hotel Booking Application for your Business?

    • March 22, 2021
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    The travel industry is growing tremendously over the last few years. Also, technology is playing a vital role in enhancing the entire industry. Mobile is an essential component that plays a crucial role in terms of marketing. A mobile app guarantees making life easier and resistance for hotel owners to build one for their business. Lots of hotels now have optimized their website for mobile devices. With approx. 80% of internet users use a smartphone to browse the market and leverage it.

    Mobile app for hotel booking app development also helps small hotels and gives them options to make things easier. There is a significant hotel that owns products already; for example, Marriott Bonvoy, Hilton has thousands of hotels and resorts worldwide that come with the lowest rates. The booking app's sole purpose is to integrate the mobile app by offering personalized support to the entire seamless guest journey.

    Latest Global tourism industry facts

    • Overall GDP was approximately 2.9 trillion US dollars in 2019.
    • Countries directly contribute the most to global GDP with a large sum at 580.7 billion US dollars.
    • Customers nearly spend 89% of mobile media time on apps.
    • 65% of companies already use mobile marketing as part of marketing strategies.
    • 50% of people reach the smartphone right after they wake up.
    • 70% of marketers believe that mobile marketing is essential for doing business.
    • 42% of travellers worldwide use smartphones to plan their trips.

    We can consider the travel industry growth, and tour business has started to join the mobile by launching their mobile apps.

    Understand the reasons why your hotel should have its mobile app

    1) Hotel Apps offer an optimized booking experience

    Once a traveler downloads your mobile app, they'll get instant access to your hotel information, allowing booking within a couple of clicks. Save your time on both ends and give your guest access to a positive experience. When the customer gets complete information about the accommodation they book, they enjoy the stay peacefully.  

    2) An app helps to track more guest data

    Get more access to guest information and their behaviour with traits across the booking journey during the stay. However, data is one most important tools used when developing pricing or marketing strategies. Moreover, the app helps to add customer feedback so we can understand if they're satisfied during the stay and what their needs are. Along with this, you can market the strategies and pricing policies to stay afloat in the business.

    3) Maintain brand awareness for your hotel

    Apps are the most used commodities available on a person's smartphone. Therefore, if your app is downloaded, then the user is more likely to see it every day. One can also create and maintain the brand awareness of the hotel with the help of promotion. Meanwhile, the customer gets several options where there's no margin for error.

    4) Increase customer service at your property

    Users can use your app to order services by making purchases, booking an appointment, choosing upgrades, and getting notified. Whereas on the other hand, the user can quickly get alerts of special promotions and hot deals.

    5) Create an effective guest loyalty program

    An app offers a better platform to house a guest loyalty program by allowing the guest to collect points for different actions. The mobile app is used to collect reviews after or preferably cash in their rewards section.

    6) Integrate your communication with an app

    There are several communication channels available for social media that make an effective way to keep your guests updated even if they have missed Facebook, Instagram post, or tweet. With establishing communication level personally, customer service executives answer all your queries related to travellers and suggest the best plans.

    7) Use the app to act as a tour guide

    It works similar to Google trips, where the apps give the guest the best advice on where to go, what to eat, the attraction, and the best sights to seek in the local area. Get a better-organized itinerary by combining the interactive map. Users can get information right from your app instead of asking for the local guide. Add a map to your app and allow it to guide you properly.

    8) Take advantage of the competition

    Today, mobile apps are ubiquitous, and in fact, hotels are using new concepts in this sector. It can be beneficial for users and owners as they take full advantage to gain the best in your favour. Additionally, the customer side demand is high; therefore, if you suffice if you're victorious.

    9) Adapt to any language  

    Set the appropriate language you're most comfortable with on your app. Make sure the app supports better-communicating language suitable between guests and hotels. Therefore, there won't be any chances of misunderstanding, which leads to a more enjoyable experience. One can incorporate an adoption facility wherein they get all valuable information in their mother tongue to sort out the issue.

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    Wrapping up

    Mobile apps can essentially allow brands to get closer to customers with increasing brand affinity, revenue, and loyalty. In such a case, hotels give their guests a unique experience to leverage the technology where many travellers use technology from their palm.

    Do you have plans to develop a hotel app that made your hotel experience more memorable? Are you looking to create one to grow your business globally? We are one of the leading mobile app development companies specializing in developing custom build applications using our expertise. Establish a direct connection with them and start capitalizing your revenue as per your convenience and cost-effectiveness.

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