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    Complete Guide Hiring the Top-grade Programmer

    • December 30, 2015
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    We all know that the need for mobile and web development has increased a lot in the technology world. This is the main reason from where Programmers come into the picture. Everybody wants the best and skilled programmer for developing their website or software. The technology and platforms for web and mobile development are also increased at a rapid pace.

    Most Famous Platforms for Mobile Application Development -

    1. Appery.io
    2. Appy Pie
    3. Mobile Roadie
    4. AppMachine
    5. GameSalad
    6. Good Barber
    7. BiznessApps
    8. AppMakr
    9. TheAppBuilder
    10. ShoutEm

    How to pick the best among all the available Mobile App Development Platforms?

    Top-Most Languages for Developing Website -

    1. JAVA
    2. C Language
    3. PHP
    4. Ruby
    5. Python
    6. C++
    7. JavaScript
    8. C#
    9. Objective-C
    10. SQL
    11. MATLAB
    12. Perl

    Top Programming Languages for Android App Development

    Everyone has unique and different requirements for their business. It is the duty of every programmer to fulfill all the demands of their client in a satisfactory manner.

    But the real question that arises here is - How you will hire an experienced programmer without having any knowledge of this field? Here, we had tried our best to portray some points that will help you choose the best developer even you are not familiar with the coding world.

    If you have any Programmer Friend, Confer with him:

    Find out your Programmer Friend and try to understand the basics for hiring a programmer. Just tell your friend the basic requirements of your project, he will surely help to make you understand the tactics for hiring the skilled coder. You don't need to get involved fully in the coding world but need to keep some basic points in your mind. For doing the choice of deserving candidate, you will also need to do more efforts. Like, What is the important questions to ask him in his interview process?

    See programmer's portfolio for knowing their potential:

    To get a full idea of the potential and expertise of the programmer, you should take a look at their portfolio. Seeing their profile, you will come to know their command in different languages. Also, you will get to know which technologies they had worked till. This will show their potential to work on your project and also you will know they are up to your expectation or not.

    Ask different questions to the programmer for knowing their skills and level of expertise. Here are some basic questions.

    Describe yourself in short with your background information?

    From this question, you will get his basic information and his background work information which is very important. Knowing about his last work done in different technologies, you will easily able to connect him with your type of work.

    How many hours you can work with us daily?

    This answer will let you match your timings with them like how many hours you want him to work for you with your team? It will be best if they work according to their preferable time but in that case, the best output is expected.

    What is your strategy for meeting deadlines?

    This will let you understand their nature towards their work like whether they are sincere or not to work on a project. Go with only dedicated programmers who will make full surety for their 100% work done.

    How will you rate yourself?

    With this question, you will able to judge his behavior and way of working. His way of answering will give you full hints of his knowledge.

    How will you handle a whole team of coders?

    This will point to their leadership qualities that are very important if you are a senior and have years of expertise. A confident person will always able to communicate with their team for giving the best results.

    How will you fix all the bugs and errors?

    If they're unable to answer this question properly means they are not the right person for your job. An experienced person always has the knowledge to handle bugs and fix them properly.

    How will you handle a completely new technology that you had never done before?

    This will show their dedication and willingness to learn new things. If they are showing full response then definitely they are the best and hard workers. Hire them without thinking any other thing.

    Tell them your expected work:

    Whom you are hiring must know your expectations, this will help them in deciding a workflow. And then you will easily able to get your project done according to your expectations and that too with full right ways.

    Our team of dedicated programmers at AgileInfoways is capable enough to handle clients' projects with full responsibilities. You can hire our truly adaptable and sincere coders for your work. We guarantee you to fulfill all your requirements within a given deadline.

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