Here's What's Coming Up at Google I/O Developer Conference 2016

    • May 20, 2016
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    Google I/O is the company’s developer conference held on each single year. It’s an event where large number of developers, press and partners meet up to see the latest declarations on Google's platforms, services as well as products. The 2016 conference will be taking place from May 18-20 in Mountain View, CA, right in Google’s backyard.

    Google is already set to showcase the world about its future plans. Whenever the Google I/O conference takes place, the company’s chief names get on stage to discuss what's coming next for their biggest projects. Those projects may be regarding,

    • Android platform
    • Google Chrome
    • Smart Watches
    • TVs
    • Virtual Reality
    • Augmented reality
    • Cars
    • Balloons
    • And many more.

    Google's conference is one of the most exclusive and must-attend events on the calendar of Android. It’s not always easy to get in, but if you can, it’s definitely worth it. What Google introduced is more than just a couple of applications as well as a gadget.

    Google launched its latest Android N developer preview 3 at I/O 2016 conference. It is the first one to receive status of “beta-quality”. As a major release, Android N will of course include a ton of new features and in the Keynote Google highlighted three many areas of advance:

    • Performance
    • Productivity
    • Security

    When it comes to productivity, Google has decided to update multitasking menu. Split-screen as well as picture-in-picture modes are approaching to Android. Now you’ll quick reply directly from the notification without any need to open app or get way. Unicode 9 emoji are also coming to Android.

    Google will get suggestions from the online poll to name Android N. Vice president of engineering for Android- Dave Burke, said Google has the right to decide the final name. So the name will not be selected on the basis of public vote but their submissions will be considered.

    Google bring in a revamp personal digital assistant called as, Aptly. It is on the base of cutting-edge technology, comprising Google Now. This assistant will empower Google’s upcoming Amazon Echo competitor, Google Home and its new mobile messaging application, Allo.

    Instant apps are one of the new features but it is not specific to only Android N. It will work on all Android 4.1 and newer versions as well as need app updates but not newer applications. This feature empowers users to instantaneously run new applications with a single tap without any need of installing them first.

    The Google also revealed a fresh out of the box messaging service called, Allo. It carries the wealth of Google in the chat as well as helps you to get in touch with anyone in your phone’s contact list. It assist you to make your communications expressive than ever before on the basis of your personality. It will be available to you later in this summer.

    When it comes to Daydream, it is Google’s plan to move ahead of the Cardboard headset which is established prior two years. It’s a new platform intended to deliver superior experience regarding virtual reality (VR) on mobile gadgets.

    If we talk about the project Tango, it is Google’s effort to create computer vision solutions which enable smart devices and VR headsets to understand their position in this present reality, map out the situations around them & do a wide range of wild augmented reality stuff without the requirement for marker images or external sensors. Tango will be used to assist virtual reality apps. VR is going to be a big story and Tango may be part of it.

    The Google Chrome OS and Android platform are begun to unite. Chrome OS being able to run most of the Android Applications in the play store. It can be a big addition to Chrome OS and give confidence to Android developers to do a superior job supporting large sizes of screen. Google Play will first arrive with Chrome OS version 53 on the dev channel in early June, preliminary with 3 Chromebooks:

    • The Asus Chromebook Flip,
    • The Acer Chromebook R11
    • Google’s Pixel 2

    Google unveiled Android wear 2.0 which is calling “the most important update to Android Wear since the platform launched over two years ago. The preview is available for,

    • LG watch Urbane 2nd edition LTE
    • Huawei Watch
    • Official Android emulator
    • The Android wear 2.0 delivers a plenty of information such as,
    • Able to see information you care about
    • Improved handling of messages that individual care
    • Your watch perform as a trainer to help with fitness and wellness
    Let’s take a look on glimpse within two minutes:
    • The future of Android: N Developer Preview 3
    • Google’s new Assistant
    • ‘More expressive’ conversations with Allo
    • Big publishers are coming to Daydream
    • Android Wear 2.0
    • New Play store features for devs
    • Tensor processing units are coming to Google’s public cloud
    • APIs for Google Slides and Google Sheets
    • Duo, a video-calling app that’s a lot like FaceTime
    • Google wants your help naming Android N
    • Google Home for your house
    • Android Studio 2.2 preview
    • Tools for making Daydream apps and games
    • Android Instant Apps load like websites
    • Google Play is coming to Chrome OS
    • Firebase gets new features
    • Google Photos hits 200 million active users
    • Deciphering Google’s messaging app strategy: Allo, Duo, Hangouts, and Messenger
    • New Android TV partners
    • Android Pay lets you pay on mobile sites
    • Google is working with IMAX and Yi Technology

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