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    Google 'RankBrain' – Search Queries Just Getting More Sharpened with AI (Artificial Intelligence)

    • November 5, 2015
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    As we all know very well, Google is outstanding at determining qualitative solutions to any queries a user has. But a question might spring up in your mind that what falls out if you ask Google something new and fresh which was never seen by it before. That is all about the Artificial Intelligence system which is provided by Google tagged as “RankBrain”.

    Google utilizes a Machine Learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) system to answer ambiguous questions. To get better handling on these questions “RankBrain” has introduced to the market. In Machine Learning, a computer learns to perform some task by itself instead of being taught by the programming languages. The Artificial Intelligence of RankBrain appears in the structure of mathematical substance which is known as vectors. Once the text through vectors analyzes, RankBrain isolate words/Phrases it does not understand. When a person makes any search queries that are completely new for the search engine, this Algorithm will help to make an educated guess on queries and display results after performing filtering on the data.

    Reasons why you should be aware of the RankBrain?

    • It's a Machine Learning system that helps Google to understand never-before-seen-queries
    • More than 400 million queries are affected by RankBrain on each single day
    • No one is aware of how precisely it affects search, but it is sensible to expect that it helps the algo to understand intent better
    • Focus on producing high-quality content as it'll be more advantageous to brands and marketers

    Research and analysis show that a very huge portion of the queries in the past couple of months have been resolved by this amazing system. Around 15% of the queries have not seen by Google before. So, RankBrain is ultimately reported very impactful in providing responses to the searches. RankBrain is the best for never-before-seen-queries for Google. Completely new words can easily be understood and interpreted by this algorithm. It can really look for the main purpose of the search; not just a keyword. It is trying to be more Human.

    When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), individuals are not completely sure about the effects yet. But, everyone believes that it'll definitely provide the best search results on the go. RankBrain is not the latest algorithm update of Google, but we can say that it is one of the signals of algorithm update known as Hummingbird. RankBrain feasibly is not a ranking signal, but we can say that it is a query processing tool.

    The so-called 3rd most important ranking factor according to the Bloomberg article, the new Google RankBrain Algorithm is all set to deliver answers to cryptic and complicated questions. Google makes use of several “signals” which are configured to deliver the most useful search results to the users. RankBrain can be a boon to individuals who sometimes need to type the whole and long sentences on the unclear topics.

    It seems like Google is constantly trying to discover fresh and improved methods to assist its users in finding the information they need. RankBrain is becoming important and popular with how things are being ranked on Google's SERP (search engine result Page). It is more scientific and systematic than Google's search engineers.

    It's not like RankBrain is replacing Google's Hummingbird Algorithm. Actually it works simultaneously with it. Hummingbird is fighting to match a query with the keyword as well as content on the World Wide Web, while RankBrain is skillfully absorbing meaning from the queries. So, Google's search algorithm can then deliver optimum results through the internet. As this Google Algorithm is being much sophisticated, Google is thinking to apply it to other parts of services. RankBrain is not only for the queries which are written in the English language. Google has confirmed that they are utilizing this algorithm on all languages and its great.

    While RankBrain will have a lot of influence over search results, people are just now starting to see its potential. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning Technologies will make RankBrain as the more agile algorithm. It will be more beneficial to marketers who are practicing white-hat and user-friendly Search Engine Optimization practices.

    We can say that RankBrain is a game-changer as it definitely makes changes in how Google realizes and manage searches.

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