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    Future will make way for Apple Swift, waving goodbye to Objective-C.

    • May 26, 2015
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    Wake up and there’s something new, With each day coming in, you meet new technologies or you miss some? Though it’s been a year, you got to make a fresh start with APPLE SWIFT, if you haven’t done that yet. but why should you? Why is Swift getting such a demanding technology?

    Swift is modern. convinced now? Not really. Swift has been designed to be faster, safer, smoother, and more powerful as a consequence of compressed compilation. It has been noticed that Objective-C may get obsolete within a few years from now. A quicker switch to Swift at this early stage will give your application long-time support for newer iOS versions.

    Yet still not convinced? Come on, let's have a look at the noteworthy facts about “Apple Swift”, Both iOS app developers & the end-users are going to get influenced for good.

    The Developer Centric Benefits:

    • Adapts the best of C and Objective-C: It is one huge reason why Swift is a worthy platform. No compatibility issues, no run-time switching issues to be faced.
    • Playgrounds: Result appears automatically after a simple line of code. It is like a clever tool to build mobile applications showing quick results. Interacts with the developer making the coding procedure easy.
    • Automatic Reference Counting (ARC): Used for Memory Management Provides easy memory allocation/reallocation.
    • Semicolon not required: Automatic Memory Management
    • Generic Programming: Writing of flexible reusable functions.
    • Closures unified with function pointers: Modern programming languages are well supported.

    Benefits from an End-User point of view :

    • Enhanced Performance: Lesser loading time means smooth working of the application. The changes done to Objective-C have made it so easy for the programs to get compiled faster that is directly affecting the performance for good.
    • Easy to migrate: Older applications developed in Objective-C can be imported to Swift with some minor changes. So if you have an application already built and you want it to work effortlessly for the newer versions, then no need to redevelop the app from scratch i.e. no compatibility issues.

    Swift is designed to work more efficiently with newer hardware like A8 and A8X chip which is available in iPhone6, iPhone6+, and iPad Air 2, So consider that today is the day when you must make a move towards the advancing future. Adapt Apple Swift. Prosper your business.

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