Facebook Software Development Kit (SDK)

    Facebook Software Development Kit – Important and Beneficial Aspects for App’s Promotion!

    • March 1, 2016
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    In today's world, we all are very well aware of the huge popularity of Facebook all around the world. People got addicted to Facebook’s usage and now they even don’t want to imagine their life without Facebook. We live in a world where technology is growing faster than anything. We are surrounded by technology everywhere we walk and this is changing the whole lifestyle of people.

    The scope and development of mobile applications are becoming viral all over the world. This results in tough competition between different business owners. It is very important to develop a strong marketing strategy for making your app get famous worldwide.

    Facebook’s SDK (Software Development Kit) is helping people for doing effective marketing of your app on this huge platform Facebook. There are plenty of benefits when you choose the Facebook SDK for the app promotion need. Facebook SDK provides more than eight tools for improving your app's functionality. It will help you to share your app’s ad with your friends and in this manner, you can increase the number of downloads for your app.

    Facebook’s Software Development Kit (SDK) consists of powerful tools that are developed by Facebook's Engineers team. By integrating SDK parts in the app, you will be able to promote your app in the best ways and in front of a large audience. Facebook is the best platform to reach millions and billions of people and deliver your app’s presence worldwide.

    Facebook SDK (Software Development Kit) has offered eight different tools for both platforms iOS & Android:

    1. Log in using Facebook Credentials
    2.  Sharing Contents For example - the ‘share now’ button helps to share different content on Facebook
    3. Use Graph API For example - Posting Stories on Facebook
    4. App Linking directly using Facebook Post
    5. App Invites like send invites to your friends for accessing your app
    6. Set App Events
    7. Different Advertisement just For example – Posting different Ads on Facebook
    8. Audience Group for analyzing App’s monetization

    Various benefits of using Facebook SDK tools for the app marketing and promotion need:

    Facebook LogIn Ensures Security:

    Facebook log-in is used for creating high security & maintaining the security of a person who has LogIn the website. With the increase of apps and mobile usage, it has become important to keep users' information safe & secure. Let's take an example - If a person is already Logged-In the Facebook, it is not required to repeat the process again when he/she will get access to an app. Facebook is a huge platform & everybody already has Facebook installed on their SmartPhone.

    Sharing is important for the purpose of promotion:

    If you are following in-app sharing, it can boost your app worldwide. With Facebook, you can make better promotion techniques for increasing your app’s popularity. Using Facebook’s Software Development Kit you can do both things Like and Share independently.

    App Invites Play an Important Role:

    In Facebook, you have the option to send invites to your friends regarding what you want to promote or add public to make it famous among all people from all over the world. If we take one example, then we will come to know the whole situation, like a Messenger App when gets introduced in the market, people will start using it in groups as the nature of that app. App invites are the strongest medium for marketing purposes and should use by people for the same purpose.

    App Ads are responsible for more installs using Facebook:

    Using Facebook’s SDK, you can promote your app on Facebook’s News Feed section. Users can Like, Share, Comment, and even engage with the app which is shown in the news feed section. If a person has already installed the app, he can even engage with that app from Facebook. If you want to install that app, then by clicking on the Install button you will directly get redirected to the Google Play page and iTunes Store page. Also, you can pay per impression or pay per click for showing your Ads on the Facebook Platform.

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