Exclusive News for Developers from Microsoft Build 2016 Event

    Exclusive News for Developers from Microsoft Build 2016 Event

    • April 4, 2016
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    Every year, Microsoft held an event for developers which is known as “build”. In 2016, the Microsoft build has begun in San Francisco on 30th March, Wednesday. As this build is specifically aimed at the developers, Microsoft announces a number of updates. By just starting the event on Day 1, Microsoft announced that 270 million users are already running on Windows 10 operating system and 500 more new devices designed for the OS.

    The new feature includes fingerprint authenticity, HoloLens, improved Cortana as well as pen support. Azure cloud computing platform gets bigger and Hololens just became your buddy for the shopping. Chief executive Satya Nadella and Microsoft’s engineering team’s leaders are predicting to design the company’s strategy for Windows 10, the Azure, office, and HoloLens as well as augmented reality headset. All these technologies are making their way in the near future.

    Day 2 of Microsoft Build 2016 is typically very developer-focused and announced important stuff that really matters for the developers.

    The Azure cloud computing platform gets better and larger

    The Cloud network of Microsoft known as Azure has officially gone bigger with a number of data centers in 30 different regions. When all these data centers mainly support businesses as well as enterprise solutions, Microsoft also uses its cloud computing network to power games.

    Free Xamarin coding tools to support Cross-platform app development

    The latest acquisition Xamarin- a framework for Cross-platform app development will be available for free and accessible for all the users of Visual Studios as well. Microsoft is offering it free with each single Visual Studio edition such as Professional, Enterprise as well as the free community edition. Xamarin tools include an Android and iOS simulator as well.

    A new Bot framework

    Microsoft is making it smooth for Bots to talk to any sort of chat application. It illustrated how to make a Domino’s Pizza Bot with different tools from Microsoft. However, it could perform in numerous applications and supports natural language. This all keeps running off a Cortana Intelligence Suite, which keeps running of something called as Microsoft Bot Framework. Bots now on-wards work with, Cortana, Skype, Windows, and all other sections of software that are made, sold or distributed by Microsoft.

    The Anniversary update of Windows 10

    Microsoft is calling its next Windows 10 update the Anniversary update. It’ll get there later this summer with a great many features that help to make Windows 10 superior. Windows Ink will serve improved controls and optimization on currently live applications while utilizing a stylus, Microsoft Surface Pen. Improved version of sticky notes will identify handwriting easily and deliver relevant services such as make a calendar event if it comprises word like tomorrow is written in the notes.

    Linux Command line to Windows

    The Bash- Linux command-line shell is coming to Windows. Native binaries on the Ubuntu platform can easily run on Windows and Microsoft is going to unite with Canonical to perform it. Developers are able to open up a terminal Window and do coding the way that many of them are familiar with Linux commands. Developers need to utilize third-party tools to perform it but now it comes built-in.

    Cortana will be smarter than ever before

    She is approaching the Xbox as her personal assistant. She will assist you to discover fresh titles and sharing tips as well as tricks on game-play. By receiving more smartness with the update in the anniversary edition of Windows 10, she’ll more intelligently understand the time and also work with third-party applications more deeply.

    Hololens brings catalogs to real-life

    Microsoft revealed another usage of Hololens’ Augmented reality headset to make a product waking up. Microsoft declares that the developer edition of the HoloLens will start shipping. The majority of code relevant to the platform will be accessible on GitHub. HoloLens is one of the most exciting things Microsoft is doing which no other company does; not Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook. The list of current partners of Microsoft comprises some big organizations such as Audi and NASA.

    Xbox into the family of Windows

    Xbox that runs Windows 10 is now more strongly connected with Windows and Microsoft. Applications are now going to be shared across both; two App stores are going to combine into one. As a result, Windows users will get a better experience of gaming while Xbox will benefit from the Windows application.

    BMW ups with its fresh app game

    BMW also announce its new drive application which takes learning from virtual assistants including Siri, Cortana, and Google Now. This fresh out-of-the-boat BMW connected app for iPhone is powered by Microsoft’s Azure platform. This application assists to control your appointments and give alerts when you should leave, what are the traffic scenario and the number of ways to avoid them.

    Microsoft actually has big software desires and it put down all of them at Microsoft Build 2016 conference.

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