Everything You Need To Know About Google I/O 2017

    • May 30, 2017
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    Recently, Google I/O 2017 was successfully completed at Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View, California. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google was the center attraction of the event.
    In this event, several numbers were announced like:

    • Google Drive – 800 million monthly active users
    • Google Photos – 500 million users who upload 1.2 billion photos every day
    • Android Users – 2 Billion People Joined

    Google is organizing an annual developer conference since 10 years. Now the Google I/O is not limited to a developer conference. It has become a platform for Google to announce upcoming technological changes and updations. In the Google I/O 2017 conference, there were made several announcements which are coming this year.

    1. Artificial Intelligence will Boom

    Artificial Intelligence was the hot topic in the conference. Google is coming up by joining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Google Lens. Google is adding a layer of Artificial Intelligence in all the devices starting with Google Lens. This new emerging technology will definitely improve the use of SmartPhones. Now, with the help of Google Lens, you will able to identify anything on which camera will point.

    2. Google.ai

    Google is not only focusing on making its own devices and product. They are planning more to launch a new proposal which is called as Google.ai. This will help to share research papers, research tools and many more with the AI community.

    3. Tensor Processing Units

    Google is developing a tensor processing unit chip of its own for machine learning. The second-generation Tension Processing Unit has the capacity of 180 teraflops to deliver outstanding performance. The company will itself use this chip and had announced that this second-generation TPU is already in the market.

    4. Enhanced and Conversational Google Assistant

    Google Assistant is getting more conversational as it is exploring on the Pixel Phone. Now, it has expanded to more than 100 million Android devices. Google is adding new features for making Google Assistant extra conversational. You can type your questions rather than saying it loudly. This change will add flexibility for people who are using Google Assistant.

    5. Good News for iPhone Users

    Are you getting bored with the usage of SIRI? Relax! Google is coming with good news for iPhone users. Now, you will be able to use Google Assistant on your iOS devices. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that iOS users cannot make Android Assistant as their default vocal assistant in place of SIRI.

    6. More Google Assistant

    Now, you will be able to access Google Assistant almost on all devices with the help of Google Assistant’s SDK. Google is expanding its third-party actions for the sake and flexibility of users and you can send money and trigger all the connected home devices. Google Assistant is focusing on learning new languages.

    7. Google Home v2

    Google Home with version 2 is going to explode in the market as it is coming with awesome features. Now you can face a lot of benefits from Google Home will suggest you about anything, for example, if there is traffic jam then he will tell you this before you leave for office. Also, you will be able to call people with the help of Google Home same like you can do by using Amazon Echo. This device can also act as a Bluetooth speaker and has the capability to provide music services.

    8. Google Photos

    Google Photos is working well in the market and this is the reason that Google is planning to add new and enhanced features. Now, it can recognize faces to share an album. Also, you can print photo books with the help of Google Photos.

    9. 360 Degree Videos

    Google has announced that YouTube is going to add 360 degree videos in their TV app. This will definitely improve user experience to watch different videos on your TV. This might be the best device for getting such videos played for entertainment.

    10. Android O

    Everybody was eagerly waiting for Android O to get a release in the market and was super excited to know its new awesome features. Google has recently released its beta version and you can get it download to see the new features. Currently, no final name has decided for Android O but it has come with amazing features like autofill with Google, notifications dots, picture-in-picture and more such.

    11. Android Optimizations

    The coming Android devices will come with the features of fast boosting and will consist more battery life and more secure. Such highly secured Android Devices will give you more pleasure and flexibility to use it as per your requirements.

    12. Time to say Bye Bye to JAVA

    If you are a coder, it’s time for you to relax and forget the JAVA language for mobile app development. A new modern coding language has been introduced in the market named as “Kotlin”. So now the developers can code the apps using the Kotlin language.

    13. 2 Billion Users! Hurray!

    Google has achieved 2 billion users for its Android users and it’s a big achievement. The scope and reach of Android Operating System is getting high in the market. Android users are increasing day by day and people are becoming addicted towards its use. Now, Android Go will target new developing countries to reach globally.

    14. New Tango

    Google is working on its Tango project and now with a bunch of sensors, Tango will localize you inside the building areas and malls and even in the museums. Google is calling its positioning technology as VPS and it’s awesome to identify locations.

    15. Advanced Google Features

    Being a searching engine company, Google is taking some logical decisions for finding jobs on Google. This new and improve search engine will help you to find a new job. Google is taking strong steps to improve our lives by providing us the best thing that we searched on Google search engine.

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