Event Management Application Solution: A Ultimate Guide

    • October 17, 2018
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    Agile Infoways is one of India’s largest IT house with over 230+ brainstorming geeks ready to supercharge your project with extraordinary code. We have the tendency to build powerful and handy mobile applications as well as a website that speaks for you.

    Develop an Event-based application?

    In the early days, users needed to invite each and every user individually to attend the event. Agile Infoways has the expertise and professionalism and has proved instrumental in taking your business to the next level.
    Hence, why not own your customized event application and manage the users from a fell functioned admin panel! Generate revenue with just one shot investment now and would be able to own the event application with robust app features along with details about the sales analytics.

    Key features of an Event application should have:

    1. View nearby events :

    A user first needs to select the location. Further, they will be shown the list of all nearby events with respect to that particular location and are able to view the event details precisely.

    2. Navigate to the event through the map :

    A user can view all Events as a marker on the Map and can navigate by Map as well

    3. Filter events :

    Want to attend an event of a particular industry only? Don’t worry! We have the perfect solution for you. You can simply mention the category on the search bar for the type of events you are interested in and you are all set to view and bookmark the event.

    4. Book Tickets by paying through the app :

    A user can book their ticket for attending the event by making the payment through the app itself. A user can purchase the ticket for their friends and family as well.

    5. Attendees List :

    Want to view that who is going to attend the event? Well, we have a developed the app in such a way that you can view the list of all attendees of a particular event.

    6. Discussion via Comments :

    Users can post comments and can have a discussion on the event posted by the admin.

    7. Send/Share Ticket to Friends :

    The user will be able to share tickets with his friends or family members. Sounds perfect solution for your business right? Leave the hustle of calling and inviting each and every user individually and let’s make your idea global.

    How to generate revenue?

    Everyone would like to have an enhancing amount of returns on their investment. But the main question is how to earn through an event application? The below points will guide the revenue model regarding the event application

    1. Advertisement space:

    Admin can also sell advertisement space into the application, which can gain lots of traffic. Further, you can connect your account to Google AdSense and can earn very much more than you actually imagine.

    2. Promote Event :

    You can sell tickets from the app and share your event without difficulty on popular social networks.

    3. Provide the discount for bulk booking :

    As an admin, you can provide a discount to the users who are booking the tickets in bulk

    Cost of developing an Event application

    The cost of developing an event application generally depends upon the level of functionality incorporated into it. Consolidating the basic above features can help to reduce your investment cost, but incorporating extra functionalities may require extra funds and development cost. Hence, it is necessary to search for a firm that already has experience in building such applications. Firms like Agile Infoways have prominent experience in providing solutions for custom event application development.

    Also, the final cost of the software depends upon the following scenarios:

    1. Number of users
    2. Hourly software development costs
    3. Infrastructure
    4. Ongoing support and maintenance

    Why work with Agile Infoways

    We view technology as an enabler and provide solutions that empower enterprises to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and reduce overheads. Agile Infoways believes in maintaining punctuality and moreover, quality is our key area to deliver splendid work.

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