Environmental Mobile Apps are the Best Way to Save our Planet

    Environmental Mobile Apps are the Best Way to Save our Planet

    • February 10, 2016
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    We all know the current state of our environment which is getting affected by the harmful attacks made by humans only. It's essential for each & every individual to give full attention to the environment & make all the efforts to make it safer, more secure & greener.

    With the increase of mobile trends among people, the whole scenario of using the mobile has changed totally. Now, mobile applications are playing a huge role in satisfying people’s every single need. Being the responsible person in the world, it is our keen duty to take measured steps and save our planet.

    App developers are introducing more awareness among people by creating environmentally-friendly apps. Such apps will help people to act more maturely & take care of the important things. Using such eco-friendly apps, you will able to contribute to making your environment green & secured.

    Below are the useful environmental mobile applications which are designed to save our planet:

    1. Carma Carpooling

    This app will assist you in finding various people who are ready to share a car with you and has the same destination as yours. All this process will help to reduce traffic, harmful gas emission from the vehicle, and even will help you financially as the whole charges of the trip will get split among all the people who will take the ride. It’s a very economic and stresses less way of traveling as there remains no need to rush and catch a bus which is already crowded. Using the Carma Carpooling service, you will able to face a comfortable journey.

    2. Dropcountr

    Dropcountr app will help you to save water that will be done using the Smartphone and connecting it with the water utility company. The water company will send you a proper balance sheet that will provide proper estimations of the drought, water budget, and will also give you full information about any leakages. By referring to the sheet, you will able to know the amount of water you used till now. This app will help you to set a water consumption budget to save water. With this app, you can see how much water you had used in a day, month, or even a year.

    3. Ecoviate

    The Ecoviate app is used for increasing social awareness with the help of the news feed section. You can read the news regarding various fields like, how to save energy, how to conserve water, and all the things which are directly or indirectly affecting our environment. The app has a leaderboard in which people can rank each other and give rewards for their achievements.

    4. iRecycle

    iRecycle app allows you to find 240+ locations for the purpose of recycling different materials. You just have to type the item’s name which you want to recycle and the information will get displayed with the nearby locations, contact information, the number of hours required to complete the task. With such a fantastic app, you will increase the possibilities for recycling every possible material.

    There are plenty of environmental apps present in the market. The names of such apps are given below:

    • Farmstand
    • GoodGuide
    • Oroeco
    • Find Green
    • Consumer Change
    • Greenpeace Tissue Guide
    • Carbon Calc
    • Mission Zero
    • Locavore

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