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    Drupal Versioned Content Management System – Best Open Source CMS for Developing your Business Website!

    • January 4, 2016
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    Drupal is a Free, Open-Source CMS which is written in PHP and is used for creating websites. Drupal Software, when gets downloaded, is ready to use, also, it includes Add-On Modules and a Web-Based Installer. There are various platforms that are supported by the Software like Collaborative Authoring, Content Management, Image Galleries, Newsletters, Podcasts, File Uploads and Downloads, Peer-to-Peer Networking, and many more.

    Drupal was introduced by Dries Buytaert in the Netherlands as a Bulletin Board System, which later on in 2001 became an Open Source Project. Large development communities focus more on Drupal for their web development needs.

    Various features of Drupal -

    • Web Server, Platform, and Database Independent
    • Granular User Management
    • Flexible Taxonomy and Menu structures
    • Multiple Content Types
    • Device-Specific Display
    • Standards Compliant Templating and Theming
    • Highly Tuned Search Engine Optimization
    • Tracking and Statistics
    • Online Community Features
    • WYSIWYG Content Editing
    • Content Administration
    • Content Syndication
    • Contributed Modules
    • In-built Search

    There is a Wide Range of Benefits for using Drupal:

    1) It is Open-Source:

    Drupal is an Open-source Content Management System. This is the best feature of Drupal which adds more ease for users to create new and unique things by modifying the source code without affecting the template. This thing is more helpful for the site owners and brand developers who are continuously looking for creating brands that are all unique and different from the other present in the market. Open-source code is also beneficial for customization.

    2) Simple to maintain:

    If we compare Drupal with other content management systems, then we will come to know that Drupal might appear to be troublesome, however, once it is clarified, it allows the website admin to do anything with the webpage content. This is not at all like other CMS, where all the information of the problems regarding a webpage must be produced before the website admin can have complete access.

    3) Customization:

    Drupal is so effectively modified that it makes other content management systems look constrained. You can get into the code and change it to the degree your site begins to look like nothing that has ever existed. Other content management system offers you an assortment of formats and this outcome in you having a site that is like another elsewhere in somehow. With Drupal, you can make sure that there is no site like yours, and this does not just allude to the presence of the site additionally in the way the site is explored, highlights accessible, and the format.

    4) Drupal Groups:

    A dynamic group exists utilizing and working on Drupal. This is clear with the figure that 400,000 sites, more than 600,000 clients, and various web developers & creators are working on Drupal. In the event that you have an issue, you should do nothing more than communicating something specific and inside of a brief span, your answer has been produced and conveyed to you. With a completely open code, answers for problems are never hard to come by.

    5) Drupal is SEO & Mobile Friendly:

    Drupal is SEO and Mobile Friendly and because of these changes can be made easily in it. In Drupal, all the changes and modifications in the templates can be done without any problem and this is the best thing about Drupal. It is also very useful for Mobile users. Whether you have an E-Commerce website or a Blog website, Drupal is the best choice for you, if you are thinking to spread your business in the world.

    Why Drupal is better than other CMS like WordPress & Joomla

    If you are looking for taking your business up in the market, it is the first need to use the right CMS for creating the website. Drupal comes in the market having all the required features and flexibility for satisfying people. Also, there are various other CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, and many more. But With the unique and challenging features and capabilities, Drupal comes up to all.

    Drupal has considered the most successful Content Management System platform has a huge ecosystem of modules, themes, templates, and also has strong support from the community of Drupal developers who are always ready to contribute to Drupal. The Drupal software is flexible and scaleable that gives the advantages of having an array of tools to arrange the complex content for the need for developing websites.

    Drupal has the capacity to provide all high dynamic features for creating advanced and versatile websites for E-Commerce, Community Blogs, Governments, Social Networking, Restaurants, Education, and many more. All the websites that are made using Drupal are SEO friendly and rank high on the search engines than any other CMS like WordPress & Joomla.

    If we talk about WordPress, then it is noted that it is a platform usually made for the blogging need and has user-friendliness features by using beautiful themes, templates that are supported by comprehensive documentation. If you are managing a blog site, then WordPress software is the best choice to maintain a blog site. It has a wide variety of themes and templates that can use for the blog site. WordPress developers do not need any expertise in the technical field like Drupal. WordPress Software is more famous for the need for blogs and news sites without any technical support.

    When it comes to user-friendliness, developer community support, and capabilities, Joomla has functionalities of both the CMS Drupal and WordPress. Using Joomla, you can run complex sites like newsletters, blogs. Joomla supports a huge range of themes and templates that are beneficial for developers and web designers. If you want to create a custom design and features then it is a little bit complex as it requires expertise and coding and web development knowledge.

    Drupal 8 has been released on the market on 19 November 2015.

    Here are new features of Drupal 8:

    • New Theme Engine
    • Mobile from the Get Go
    • More HTML Power to you
    • Multilingual Ready
    • Manage your Configuration
    • Authoring Improvements
    • Views now Part of Core
    • Better Support for Accessibility
    • Web Services Built-in
    • Fields Galore
    • In line with Industry Standards

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