Pokémon Go Brings Augmented Reality

    Pokémon Go Brings Augmented Reality to a Mass Audience

    • August 1, 2016
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    Each and every technology desires a stunning app in today’s epoch and usually, it is obligatory for them to endure in the marketplace just like Augmented Reality (AR) has ‘Pokémon Go’. It is the hottest stuff in each corner of world right at the moment. Rather than just sitting inside and staring at a screen or wearing a Virtual Reality (VR) headset, Pokémon Go supporting players to get outside and travel around the beautiful earth.

    This game is making utilization of camera as well as GPS system on Android or iOS devices to digitally place over these animated entities on top of the different landscape which are emerging on the screen of the smartphone when the camera scans surroundings. This can be anything from a particular building to a public art exhibition. That is all about AR. Viewing the entire world just with the camera of smartphone- this thought is seeking out the attention of this colorful Pokémon.

    AR has been widely adopted by sectors such as the car industry- Ford and Audi allowing users to preview cars with Augmented Reality applications. Apple is thinking to invest in AR after seeing the success of Pokémon Go. Apple’s chief Tim Cook says that the iPhone producer will keep on working with the developers. The rumors have raised that AR cannot be successful unless VR headsets/ Google Glass took off, but the creators of Pokémon Go (Nintendo and Niantic) has condemned this theory by making the most out of 5 billion individuals who possess a smartphone with a camera.

    Google Maps aids Pokémon Go to assimilate the real world within its virtual universe. Users play the role of Pokémon trainer and grab Pokémon monsters by traveling around the actual surfaces. In-game rewards are also available only if a user walks up to 10km. Pokestops offer very important items, placed throughout the real world at landmarks as well as local businesses like restaurants, pubs, etc. Smart entrepreneurs have already purchased the in-game ‘Lure’ item that drawing Pokémon to a particular location for half an hour for all the game players.

    Let’s discover some of the real-life reported advantages of utilizing Pokémon Go:

    • Develop Hand-Eye co-ordination
    • Provide flexibility
    • Helps you to leave the couch
    • Improve decision-making ability
    • Reduce stress and depression
    • Encourage exercise
    • Discover cool things
    • Grab some cool pictures
    • Meet people around the world
    • Educational benefits
    • You will laugh
    • Make you more social

    With time, users of Pokémon Go can build and develop their capacities regarding gaming by figuring out how to explore and get ready for their next exploration. The game rewards users with medals for various achievements such as distance traveled, Pokémon caught, and more.

    Since the launch of Pokémon Go, the original maker Nintendo’s share value has increased more than 50%. Google is a chief shareholder in Niantic and it is a spin-out from the Google Maps. So the game will have the Google advertising model; means it can scale revenues very rapidly, as it’s so recognized in the midst of marketers. Nintendo will see this as a gaming experience but Google will consider it as an advertising event.

    Pokémon Go is maybe the Wii Sports for AR, and available, easy-to-utilize, a lively experience that can be enjoyed by gamers as well as non-gamers. It places the technology back on the map, front in the public awareness. On the basis of the popularity of games such as Pokémon Go, Augmented Reality games will become more known for sure. The craze of this game has opened the door to the possibilities of AR and captured the imagination of the public.

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