Development Of Android Apps Without The Help Of Servers

    • November 21, 2015
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    Android Operating System is growing enormously on daily basis with every single update in the technology era. So many companies and organizations are fighting to set their position on the top to deliver stunning services of Android Application Development. This fame of Android shows the freely flowing approach of the OS.

    When it comes to hiring an Android Application Developer, an organization needs to invest a lot of stuff in the matter of cost, development infrastructure, physical investment, and much more. The infrastructure of the development comprises servers, networks, hardware, different computing devices, etc and software development requires different OSes. Usually, Android developers start Android App development from the base and divide the whole task among each team member by utilizing commonly shared servers.

    Handling of the servers and network for the development demands time as well as high cost and it's quite obvious. If you need to save yourself from this wastage of time on very lengthy development procedures and additional burdens, various development frameworks are available to assist you. These development frameworks need servers and other development tools very rarely to build an Android App. They have their own UI/UX-based tools that almost control coding as well as coding tools on the go.

    What's better about it?

    • Back-end tools of Android App Development comprise different features such as Automation features, Responsive design features, performance features. Utilizing these features, developers can build an app quickly without any issues related to quality as well as catch all the benefits of the early market.
    • Everything is occupied in the device itself. so all the data and each transaction are completely safe. It saves data from encryption and makes synchronization easy in the local network.
    • Tools are offering services for drag-and-drop development. So if all the start-ups and small businesses want to start their business without involving any developer actively, they can. They can create an app as per their necessities.
    • It also reduces the time taken place for the testing process as server-free development decreases complexities. Testing performs in real-time on the available devices rather than virtual testing on the server.
    • There are various back-end development tools which our server infrastructure. You need only one or two developers to customize it. There is no need to hire professional experts. You can easily make growth as per your requirements with an affordable budget for sure.

    What's quite problematic in it?

    • Different back-end tools for the mobile are not fully perfect to satisfy every single need of the user. It is not providing 100% customized solutions. So the involvement of a professional expert or development team is very significant to address every issue in-depth.
    • When data are transferring and testing procedure is going on, mobile devices need to be dependent on their own connectivity as there is no internet network. It highly affects user experience and creates performance issues.
    • You need to deal with an additional system with multiple nodes with the exception of the server and internet. You also need to deal with other issues like network partitioning, geographical region problems, statistics protocol, and many more like these.

    Summing up

    Obviously, there are numerous benefits in Android Application development when you are not following any server approaches but if you perform server-based app development, you will get the best product with customized needs and 100% satisfaction. Without a server, implementation is limited. So if you go with the server, it'll not disappoint you for sure.

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