Cross-Platform App Development – Helps to Craft Compelling Mobile Apps

    • August 16, 2016
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    Organizations are not running on just a single platform these days. People need applications that must be flexible with every single platform such as Android, iOS as well as Windows. Cross-platform app development technology is there to aid app developers in crafting stunning apps that work smoothly on every platform. If you think about what we had before 5 years ago and today, you have come to realize that we do not have to utilize our laptops or desktop PCs for many tasks. You can do everything from your mobile devices on the go.

    Over recent years, alongside the rising needs of application developers, the app development tools and platform’s market has evolved and developed as well. You required a whole team of talented mobile developers as well as designers to build an app a few years ago. But, today experienced and yearning developers can utilize various types of tools that empowering them to make and launch applications faster than ever before. Most significantly, you can now build cross-platform apps that will empower you to achieve more clients no matter the location, income, or device type. Best of all, the majority of these tools allow you to concentrate on what matters mainly to please your clients.

    Some of the best cross-platform app development tools are here that you can prefer to run an application-based business. You will discover that every tool has its solid point as well as weakness. Your choice completely relies on your needs.


    It enables developers to create iOS, Android, as well as Windows apps by making use of a single shared C# code-base. The tool delivers,

    • Native API access
    • Sharing code compatibility
    • Ability to add components

    Sencha Touch

    It's an intelligent HTML5 mobile application framework that has developed a number of web apps that contain the look & feel of native apps. It offers,

    • MVC structural design
    • UI Themes
    • Extensible API
    • Huge UI component library

    Appcelerator Titanium

    It delivers JavaScript API as well as native platform-specific features across devices. It also provides add-ons with app analytics, Backend-as-a-service (BaaS), and others. This tool also saves time.

    PhoneGap/Apache Cordova

    It aids to craft apps utilizing HTML5, CSS as well as JavaScript. Developers will catch a number of plug-ins to select from. It also empowers to build Android and iOS apps in the cloud without any need for local SDKs.

    Corona SDK

    The mobile gaming industry has enforced professionals to introduce a tool like Corona SDK to develop stunning games on the platform of Android and iOS. Developers can develop 2D games that perform ten times faster by making use of this tool.

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    QT (Cute)

    Applications that are developed on QT are supported with a far-reaching set of C++ libraries. It also lets the developers utilize UI components and graphics as used in C++. The QML (QT Model Language) layer delivers direct native accessibility and enables developers to create the app logic by making use of the cross-platform QT C++ APIs.

    For some amazingly creative cross-platform mobile apps developed by making utilization of the above tools, look through the list of applications developed by the team of experts at AgileInfoways.

    There are a number of benefits of Cross-platform app development such as,

    • Great reach
    • Cost-effective
    • Uniform look and feel
    • Reduced Development Costs
    • Easier to find developers
    • Speed
    • Reduce overhead
    • Great community
    • Faster hiring and project launch

    Mobile application development for any endeavor is not at all an easy task. You must maintain Apple’s iOS and Android as well as Windows. The tools for mobile apps development are growing very swiftly. It is significant to assess the new tools after every six months to observe which will work greatest for your organization.

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