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    Consumer vs Enterprise Mobile Apps – Differences you should be aware about

    • March 8, 2016
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    Mobile apps are the buzz of today’s era. Individuals utilize mobile applications to fulfill a wide range of tasks easily. Today, all users of smartphones understand what mobile apps are and from where to download it. Consumer-centric mobile apps such as Candy Crush, What’s App, Facebook are well-known to the world but there is another side of apps as well which is gaining attention. Manufacturing, as well as different business units, have realized the importance of mobile apps.

    Mobility adds huge importance to businesses and even decreases the cost concerned with production. Businesses which are looking to expand productivity and reduce fixed operational cost find big support in the enterprise-level mobile app. The tendency of utilizing mobile application among the employees have made the businesses realize how significant enterprise app in today’s era.

    What Differentiate Apps?

    Consumer experience is all about the control as well as the conveniences of the end-user. In contrast, the enterprise experience is all about enhancing productivity & enabling IT controls. One targets customers and one target business. This difference is completely similar to the differences between B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business).

    Enterprise-level apps are more complicated compare to Consumer-Centric apps. Developers of enterprise apps comprise deep expertise in several business-related procedures. They are smart enough to recognize different areas of enterprises that can be addressed greatly by enterprise mobile apps.

    Enterprise mobile apps are based on the target to enhance business procedures; so it is necessary to integrate it with the already existing systems in the organization. Whereas consumer-centric mobile apps either contain back-end or stand-alone; it depends on the objective of its conception. Generally, enterprise apps simplify complex and hefty processes of business and make it smooth for employees to get easy work with it.

    Professional experts in enterprise app development earn more than consumer app developers. The number of software developers working in the enterprise sector has increased massively over the last year.

    Enterprise vs. Consumer Startups

    Startup founders face the number of challenges by depending on their audience. Here’s what you need to know:

    • In a consumer startup, customers are gained with the help of marketing strategies. An enterprise startup that is selling a paid product, gain business with the help of a sales-oriented team.
    • The ROI associated with enterprise startups is hard to predict as the sales cycle is very long and it’s unpredictable. Getting initial customers is tough but once you do the consumer startup receives a good response.
    • The level of security promised by enterprise startups has to be very high compare to consumer startups as it comprises sensitive data of clients such as credit card details, bank transaction details, medical details and many more.
    • The growth of consumer-centric apps is expanding easily as marketing takes place through media. The enterprise app growth is slow as it needs a strong relationship with the entrepreneurs.
    • The consumer startups are paying attention to the sales procedures by being one-to-one in nature. Enterprise startups have one or more decision-makers.

    Adobe wants to make things easier regarding the process of developing enterprise apps and make them visually more engaging and freely-flowing as consumer applications. IBM brings Apple’s Swift programming language to the cloud which helps developers to simplify enterprise app development.

     Consumer ApplicationEnterprise Application
    TeamsSingle Product TeamIT department, Non-It department, Third-party vendors
    Application TopologyOne App - Many usersMany Apps - Many users
    SecurityTwitter, FacebookActive Directory, MDM (Master Data Management), MAM (Mobile Application Management)
    Back-end ServicesGeo-location, gamingAPIs of Enterprise systems
    DistributionPublic App storeIntegrated with MDM technologies, Corporate app store
    Front-end Development1-2 mobile development platformDifferent mobile development technologies, Hybrid platform technologies

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