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    How to Choose the Best E-Commerce Platform for your Online Store?

    • March 31, 2017
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    Being an Entrepreneur, it is a huge responsibility to choose the most competent as well as suitable e-commerce platform based on your business needs. We understand the importance of adopting your business to the online platform in today’s time. People who are aiming to get user attention are always busy finding the current updates of the market. For this cause, a website is required for showing the capability of your business to the whole world.

    By following a proper research strategy, you can end up your hunt of picking the right e-commerce platform for your business. Every E-Commerce Platform has different features and supporting versions. That’s why it is said that go with only that one who has the full power of satisfying your business necessities.

    List of different E-Commerce Platforms

    E-Commerce Platforms
    • Shopify
    • Wix
    • BigCommerce
    • Squarespace
    • WooCommerce
    • OpenCart
    • Big Cartel
    • osCommerce
    • Volusion
    • LemonStand
    • 3DCart
    • Spark Pay
    • Magento

    The above list states the names of various e-commerce platforms which are useful for building an attractive and interactive online store matching your business requirements. Today, where people are going addicted to SmartPhones usage is taking the world on a new path. Entrepreneurs are opting for building the best e-commerce sites that will enhance user experience as well as it will change the whole style of shopping.

    Let’s take an example that is narrating choice of the customer while buying a Bike

    When you will buy a Bike, the basic necessity is to move from a certain source to a destination. But it is totally different from the case of choosing an e-commerce platform which should consist of all the things considering customers’ views and wants. In an e-store, the basic need is to select an item and take it to the shopping cart and then execute the whole payment process.

    For developing a strong and reputed e-store, there are a lot of things which need to be workout properly for getting the best results. Meeting business aims is somewhat a complex task and takes huge efforts for making it happen. But with a strong strategy, you can win users’ hearts and get more and more audiences on your e-store.

    Here are some major points that you must look out for before picking an e-commerce platform.

    1. Budget

    Choosing an e-commerce platform involves many factors to take into consideration. One of the main factors is to focus on your budget while picking an e-commerce platform. For example, when you decide to buy a Television, at that time you will be having some budget like whether to buy a 52 inch TV or end up with a 42 inch TV. The same happens when you are thinking to choose an e-commerce platform.

    It may take time to take a final decision but doing a lot of research will always give the best results. If you will make hurry in selecting the e-commerce platform, rather you will choose a cheap one with fewer features or end up your hunt for an expensive option having unnecessary built-in features. Just aim for setting the most favorable budget for avoiding unnecessary confusion and also keep some space for negotiation.

    2. Self-Hosted/Shop-as-a-service Platform

    A self-hosted platform is the one where you can host every single thing that you want on the server. But with shop-as-a-service, you have to pay on a monthly basis to create magic on the e-commerce platform. Shop-as-a-service is highly recommendable for business owners who want to run their business efficiently. Building an online store is a tough task and needs a proper strategy for getting a fair result.

    For this reason, an online store is required to build with the help of the best and most suitable e-commerce platform. Having proper support from the platform will definitely create magic in the world of e-commerce. In the end, the choice is yours whether to choose a self-hosted or a shop-as-a-service platform for your e-commerce business.

    3. Security

    When it comes to the development of an online store, it is highly important to take care of security concerns. While picking a platform for building an e-store, you must take care of all the points which are required for delivering the best results. Sometimes it happens that the user runs after the advice of other people but it ends with bad results. Apart from the security reasons all other reasons are also important to keep in mind. So make sure with the selection of the e-commerce platform but also choose the one that will provide the best security features.

    4. Customer’s Trust

    Being an online retailer, it is a vital task to take care of the user’s trust and satisfaction. Whether you are a startup or a big enterprise, taking care of customer’s requirements and happiness is your first concern. The safety and trust issue comes when a person visits your e-store and reach the payment process. Many people face problems with the online payment option and they leave the site having a bad shopping experience. Hence it is quite difficult to gain user’s trust in the security issue.

    It is your responsibility to build or integrate a strong and safe payment process for providing full ease and flexibility at the user’s end. When users will gain trust in your e-store as well as on your payment portal then he will feel more secure and comfortable to shop online using your e-commerce website.

    5. Vulnerabilities to E-Commerce

    If you are coding yourself for getting the best e-commerce solution for running your online store, then it is highly important to figure out all the business logic. For example, a fraud person can get the stock details by adding a product to the shopping cart. By doing this, he will get a full idea of all the stock levels and this may create a problem for your e-commerce store. So to secure your e-store from all such harmful things, you must make full surety on the vulnerabilities and stock information and save your e-commerce website from any kind of harm or loss.

    Key Takeaways

    In today’s era where technology is escalating at an unexpected rate, people are heading to adopt it in their business areas. Building an e-store for increasing your business worldwide has become an essential solutions for retailers and e-commerce business owners. For this reason, the right choice of an e-commerce platform is a must thing which should be performed in a precise and correct manner. The success of an e-store somewhere depends on the type of platform you had chosen for building your online shopping website. End up your hunt by picking the most suitable as well as the most capable platform that will help your business to explore widely.

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