Future of BYOD Trends and Enterprise Mobility Market

    The Future of BYOD Trends and Enterprise Mobility Market

    • April 14, 2016
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    2016 is scrutinizing to be one more exciting year for enterprise mobility and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Rather than utilizing the company’s property such as phones, tablets, or computers, employees were motivated to bring their own particular devices from home which enable them to modernize all of their tech habits. There is a huge ratio of organizations which are enabling BYOD or planning to do so. Endeavors have recognized that permitting employees to work from anyplace with any model is soon going to wind up a standard business model. It will be fascinating to watch out for the rising BYOD trends which are at present in progress.

    BYOD Trends

    • BYOD will turn out to be more of a need than an advantage
    • DIY (Do It Yourself) mobile app development is moving in a great direction
    • Split Billing come first over straight BYOD stipends
    • Passwords will fall by the wayside
    • Full reimbursement for all costs will decrease
    • Mobile security will be more holistic
    • Stringent Security measures
    • Cost-to-Company will decrease
    • More apps or cloud resources are coming
    • First signs of IoT (Internet of Thing) truly influencing BYOD policies
    • Further consolidation in the EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management)/MDM (Mobile Device Management)
    • Security will be harder
    • When Storage becomes an issue!
    • iPad Pro and Google Pixel C remain tepid in the enterprise
    • BYOA (Bring Your Own Application) takes up the BYOD standard
    • Microsoft’s mobile strategy takes a cloud
    • Cannot Alienate Employees from Business
    • A unified strategy will be needed

    Employees not only owned their own particular devices, but their personal devices are usually the latest than the company’s devices. This is one of the most important reasons that BYOD came into the workplace. When it is appropriately executed, BYOD policy for your business can be very dominant to shrink the cost and to boom efficiency.

    The BYOD trends have generated a number of new opportunities and several vital challenges for businesses. There are a number of reasons why BYOD is important such as,

    • It boosts productivity
    • Decrease company device costs
    • Enhance employee loyalty
    • Assure employee satisfaction
    • Enhance engagement of the user
    • The easy transition of incoming/outgoing employee mobile network access

    There are number of challenges also such as,

    • Manage security of company data without controlling a mobile device
    • Preserve employee privacy
    • Getting your employees to follow company guidelines

    As a decision-maker of a business, it is significant to recognize which sort of mobile apps your employees prefer to utilize, which kind of apps can be integrated into business apps and which sort of software can be utilized to safely access the network of the company. It is necessary to carry out an analysis of business and assess requirements.

    If you want to lie around a number of benefits of BYOD follow this step:

    1. Do planning
    2. Management and security of mobile devices
    3. Communication regarding BYOD policy
    4. Support and maintenance

    BYOD policies are developed the finest after software services have been resolved, as the software services will really affect the way you control BYOD in your organization. Formal BYOD policies united with the functionality of cloud-based solutions that enable moderate-cost as well as fair solutions. So, small and medium-sized businesses can make the most of the advantages of employees by making use of their own devices and still preserve company property as well as employee privacy.

    It's remarkable when you begin with thinking of where you & your employees fit in. It is also very valuable as it assure that you are ready for any sort of consequence. BYOD is definitely favorable, but you need to keep in mind that it will be implemented and utilize with the greatest care.

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