AgilitesHackathon2K18: A Technical Transformation with Innovative Ideas

    • April 4, 2018
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    24 hours, 130 participants, 5 teams, 10 projects and only 1 motive to present the unique ideas

    The team names were decided on the name of company Agile Infoways.

    The 5 teams were named as: Team A, Team G, Team I, Team L, Team E

    The Hackathon event was all about learning:

    • Facing challenges
    • Creative thinking
    • Dedicated working
    • Bug solving
    • Time management
    • Meeting deadlines

    Apart from the whole coding experience, the participants had a great time having snacks, cold drinks and meals. The 24 hours of the Hackathon event was filled with creativeness and excitement to build something unique. The event was full of joy and enthusiasm in developers who got a chance to prove their technical skills in just 24 hours. It was a really amazing experience felt by all the participants who were so glad by joining the whole Hackathon event.

    How did the whole event start?
    Agile Infoways Directors Speech

    The event ring at 6:00 PM and developer start doing their work with full energy. First, the team members were doing R&D and then they find different and unique ideas to develop. Later on, the designers start their work by thinking unique color combination for UI designing and created app icons and web landing pages along with presentation files. The real motto of the whole Hackathon event was to learn time management, how to work creative under pressure, how to achieve project deadlines and these much only in 24 hours.

    Along with the design work, the developers were also busy with their coding for the app and web development need. It was a great experience as the developers got a chance to handle a few people and manage some of the core functionalities of the application. Though the developers have worked with different teams but working with more than 20 teammates in different technologies was an amazing experience. Team collaboration was the key point of the whole Hackathon event.

    The Presentation Part

    After the completion of 24 hours, the time comes for presenting your projects to all the head people of the company. Each team allotted 10 minutes to present your whole project along with the ppt. files. After viewing the whole presentation the head juries were asking different questions about your project. The presentation part is the most important part and should get executed in the right ways. The presentation part shows how much efforts your team has done in developing a project in 24 hours.

    How did Hackathon Benefit Agile Infoways?

    #AgilitesHackathon2K18 Event was filled with joy, enthusiasm, excitement, innovative ideas, brainstorming, smart work, cracking deadline and time management. The participants were highly enthusiastic in creating unique ideas in a short deadline of 24 hours. Hackathon event benefits Agile Infoways in all the way like from coding to the presentation, each and every team member was handling his responsibility. The motto of this event was to think out-of-box and create some uniqueness in the IT world. Apart from this, the team members learned how to achieve project deadlines in such a tight deadline of 24 hours and that too bug-free. So overall it was a fantastic experience that brings out some awesome projects.

    Hurray!!!! The Winner list is revealed!!
    Team E: Won the Hackathon Contest and got prize money of Rs. 17500
    Project Name: HealthRecs - Patient Solution Using Blockchain

    The Concept of the Project: This system will be used when the patient will switch their hospital. There are many reports patient have to manage and if they switch the hospital they need to do all reports from starting. Now, no need of managing reports. The user has their reports on the different server which supports smart contract. When user switch hospital to the next hospital user will do authentication by QR Code and OTP then next hospital can access the reports of the patient. If they add something to the report then the new block will generate and store in the database.

    Team L: 1st Runner-Up, Got prize money of Rs. 13000
    Project Name: Real Estate Sales System Using Blockchain

    The Concept of the Project: The system users are allowed to post their property details which they wish to sell via the system. The system shall allow buyers and sellers to digitally sign their sales contract. The details regarding the sales are saved in the block and the system saves the link of the property sales in a secure manner so no other can claim the property through false signature or forgery.

    Team A: 2nd Runner-Up, Got prize money of Rs. 9000
    Project Name:Multi-Level Marketing Chain Implementation Using Blockchain

    The Concept of the Project: Multi-level marketing (MLM) is known by a variety of names: network marketing, referral marketing—and more pejoratively, pyramid marketing. In this structure, marketing and sales reps not only receive compensation for their own sales but also receive a percentage of the sales generated by other salespeople they recruit (commonly known as one’s “downline”).

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