Agile Picnic Moments

    We bring our own weather to the picnic

    • October 6, 2021
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    If you know Agile Infoways, you know no stone is left unturned when it comes to creating a wonderful memory. Whether it’s a company get-together inside the office or outside, we guarantee you’ll leave with a full belly and a beautiful story to tell. 

    This October, the company decided to plan something different to kickstart fresh. 

    All work and no play make the jack dull, so do our employees too. Therefore, we believe there’s nothing better than a picnic to rejuvenate and boost the battery of all the Agilites. Away from the cauldron of chaos, Agilites had a whale of a time at the picnic.         

    From finger-licking food to super fun games to break the dance floor to building up a relationship, it was a great transition to encourage each member of Agile Infoways. It was an excellent chance for us to be familiar with other Agile family members who joined the company during a pandemic.           

    Agile picnic games memories

    Teamwork makes the dream work. The Agilites shared a great bond with other departments and built an appreciation they deserved. All teams got a chance to network with each other, and we got to see new sides of everyone with sharing positive vibes.  We celebrated the team efforts with an appreciation for their work and acknowledging the employees’ journey by sharing success stories. 


    Plus, this picnic gave us a perfect opportunity to keep the tradition alive.  It was a fantastic day filled with great stories, good fun, and excellent bonding with the teams. A warm appreciation to all our employees who organized the event and attendees who certainly had a perfect day off from their busy daily schedule. Special thanks to the director, Vimal Shah, for making it all possible. His generosity knows no limit, and you may even see him playing games with all his heart. 

    Watch the below video to see how we create memories.

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