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    A Handy Checklist for Adopting Automation Testing

    • December 30, 2019
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    We are continually seeing changes in technologies where the world is moving from paper to wireless devices with undergoing digital transformation. To stay relevant in this dynamic marketplace is going to consume a lot of time, but don't worry about the efforts you make won't go in vain as they can be helpful in the long run. When an organization is going digital, one question arises does it cost more? Will you get a sustainable return after investment? The answer is YES. But if you're using Quality Assurance and Testing, then the departments will play a vital role in the transformation cycle.

    We use Software in our daily life, where software testing is imperative. Skipping this part might harm your product and business. For this Time, some QA will maintain the entire customer experience by ensuring production and quality delivery. QA and marketing teams help to improve the validation process, mobile testing labs, and other implementation risk-testing based on comprehensive analysis.

    What is Automation Testing?

    Manual testing was performed while sitting in front of computers and carefully executing the test. Whereas, automation testing uses an automation tool that consumes less Time in exploratory tests along with increasing overall test coverage. Manual testing benefits the human mind to draw insights that otherwise would miss by an automated testing service tool. But, we can use an automated tool for large projects where initially manual testing is used.  

    Manual Vs Automation Testing

    MA vs AT.png
    Manual TestingAutomation Testing
    • It's a method used by developers.
    • There are several types of manual testing types available:
      Black Box Testing White Box Testing
      Integration Testing System Testing
      Unit Testing Acceptance Testing
    • It requires some amount of Time when using manual testing but helpful in UI testing.
    • It is helpful when you need to test once or twice. Moreover, it doesn't involve a programming task to fetch data.
    • Building verification testing is tiresome.
    • The initial cost is very less compare to automation.
    • It performs the same operation each time.
    • Automation testing change code frequently to help in regressions. It can execute a set of test cases repeatedly.
    • Few testers needed to execute test cases and can use different machines with different OS platforms.
    • Complicated testing can solve within a few minutes can test cases faster than humans.
    • It is helpful to build verification testing but not in UI testing.
    • Initially, the cost is more than manual testing.

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    Automation Testing Strategies

    The automation pyramid consists of mainly three different phases. Here the first phase adds unit testing to represent the base, API for automation testing, and GUI at the top to implement a test automation pyramid.

    What are the benefits of test Automation Strategy?

    • To have a successful testing strategy, one needs to have a positive impact on business and organization in several ways.
    • It provides comprehensive testing where even complex tasks are completed quickly by delivering the most robust solutions.
    • You can promote the re-use of critical components that helps in increasing employee productivity as they have invested their Time into critical areas of work and business.
    • This strategy helps in reducing maintenance costs where you can quickly adopt change and update testing methodology. The team can make a difference very quickly.
    • Users can create a testing standard for their organization as it came with complete and robust standards and used across all organizations.
    • If you want to use a strategy based on a result-oriented approach, then you can get quick confidence about Software to stakeholders.

    Why is Automation Testing essential?

    QA turns out to be your best friend when it comes to delivering great Software. Let's look at some Software Quality Assurance importance.

    1. Software Services saves you Money

    Testing comes with lots of benefits where cost-effectiveness is one of the critical factors. It helps you save more money in the long run. The software development comes with several stages, but when there are bugs found, using this testing tool, you'll cost less to fix it. Hire a QA developer who is technically expert and educated for your software project.

    2. Add Security

    Security is one of the best features that the automation testing tool offers. There are times when data are stolen by hackers for their benefit, so most organizations are looking for a trusted product on which they can rely. With the Automation tool, you didn't worry about your sensitive data as it has become one of the vulnerable parts of your project.

    3. Offers Product Quality

    You can give life to your product as it helps to provide desired results with ease. It is essential to add value to the product as it promises to deliver the best customer experience. Moreover, device compatibility is checked where testing companies usually have many devices available to cover as many testing scenarios as possible.

    4. Great Customer Satisfaction

    For any product owner, customer satisfaction is a must, and so only the Software is tested with fixing the bugs. Once your customer is happy with your product, they would surely refer to their friends. Customer's trust is not that easy to earn if you have a glitching product. All you have to do is, invest in software testing services and make your business stand out in the market.

    Top Automation Testing tools

    Today in this every changing software delivery process, we call it robust software testing processes and tools. In the recent talk for test automation, there are lots of tools that have gained popularity among the organization and use Agile and DevOps methodologies to offer advanced testing capabilities to the user. With an increase in the demand for delivering quality software, the tools poised to take advantage of these trends.

    Here are some top test automation tools that have believed to be the best to address challenges in automation.


    These tools introduce to bring opportunities for growth even though the level of test automation is low in between 14% to 18%. We are very excited to see how these tools will be helpful in AI and ML, along with addressing challenges ahead. Moreover, API and other testing services is a trend that one should keep in mind for future development.

    When to automate an application?

    If you're looking to automate a mobile application, then do the testing in the following scenario of the Software will help you with the automation process.

    • When the requirements won't change frequently
    • Access the application for load and performance along with several virtual users
    • Obtainability of Time
    • Steady Software concerning manual testing
    • Comes with severe and vast projects
    • The project needs to test on the same areas often
    • Automation Testing Process

    Best Practices QA teams use to deliver quality software

    In these digital times, the trends in QA and another testing would closely work with software development. One can ensure to get a seamless customer experience where decision-makers are turning their attention to the role of software equality in optimizing the customer experience.  

    • Best Practices for Quality Assurance
    • Create a Robust testing environment
    • Apply automated testing to high-risk areas to save Money
    • Select release criteria carefully
    • Allocate Time appropriately for each process
    • Dedicated Security and Performance testing team
    • It is essential to prioritize bugs fixes based on software usage
    • Simulate customer accounts similar to a production environment

    Future of Software Testing

    The wrapping part says, testing consists of core processes which adds technical and non-tech aspects including design, specification, implementation, and other maintenance. It can do with limited resources in terms of time, budget, or personnel. Despite there being several changes in automation created where manual testing can be an integral part of the development lifecycle.

    Depending on the application, some test is to carry out automated, and some needs manual testing. Whereas, some of them require total manual efforts to carry out the process. With this, we can judge that any software tester should know the tools which will help them to complete the tasks quicker and with precision. If we talk about the future, countless opportunities are waiting for the software tester who is ready to change their profile.

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