Android Application Development – Top Frameworks That Are Ruling The World!

    • April 8, 2016
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    As the use of SmartPhones is increasing in the world there is the requirement to use the latest and updated platform experiencing a seamless comfort. If you're still aiming to get only the best experience, in that case, it is very important to find the best mobile framework for developing an android app. Android app development is an easy task unless you find the best app developer for handling your whole work.

    The market of Android is growing day by day and people are moving from iOS to Android for facing its awesome features. The perception of Android app development is wrong in the mind of people as people believe that it takes more time to develop an android based app. In fact, Android App Developers works hard to develop an app based on Android platform.

    The most difficult work for Android developers is to choose the development framework using which they will build an application. With the best and efficient Android framework, the whole process of developing an app will become much simpler. Android has changed the whole world’s scenario by providing the best features to all the SmartPhone and Tablet users.

    Below-defined is the list of Android App Development Frameworks:

    • 1. Corona SDK
    • 2. Phonegap
    • 3. Xamarin
    • 4. Sencha Touch 2
    • 5. Appcelerator
    • 6. Basic4Android
    • 7. JQuery Mobile
    • 8. Dojo Mobile
    • 9. Sproutcore
    • 10. Theappbuilder
    • 11. DHTMLX Touch
    • 12. Mo Sync SDK

    Android app development has become a trend in today’s world as more than 70% people feel more comfortable with Android SmartPhones. It is hard to believe but half of the market is Android only as the app developers are doing their best work to introduce different features that attract users.

    There are various benefits when you use the frameworks for building different Android apps:

    • Using Android Operating System you will able to make better graphics designs
    • It is always cost effective to use Android Operating System
    • It always provides new ways for developers to apply in the app development process
    • Android OS uses Linux Kernel that makes the whole App Development process much secure and stable.
    • Android is the best platform for providing Inter-Application Integration

    Android Framework offers a wide range of options for the developers to build attractive mobile applications. This makes developers happy as they get to work according to their convenience and, therefore, they always come up with some new and innovative features in the market that make users glad.

    Android App Development Framework has plenty of entities:

    • Resource Managers
    • Android SDK
    • Memory Requirements
    • Notification Manager
    • Libraries
    • Activity Manager
    • Content Provider
    • Kernel
    • Android Run-time
    • Views
    • Prerequisite Installations

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