All You Need To Know About The New-Fangled “Apple’s Clip App”

    • April 14, 2017
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    Apple always brings some exceptional and truly advanced things in the technological market. Now, with the increased demand of video and picture sharing, Apple on Thursday released an awesome Video App named as Clip App. In just 4 days, this app got more than a half million downloads from the App Store. People are going crazy with the use of Clip App as they are enjoying a lot using this application. The app provides a fresh experience to users who love to share pictures and videos in their friend circle. The Apple Clip App is available for users having iOS 10.3.2 OS version.

    What Clip App can do?
    • Speak it, see it, while recording videos.
    • Create short videos by merging pictures.
    • Add caption with texts in your videos.
    • Use different Emojis, graphics, filters and music while video recording.

    Let’s see the different features of Clip App

    1. Voice to text title

    The “Speak while recording video” feature is present at the top of your phone screen which looks like a bubble icon. This feature can add text on the phone screen while you are recording a video clip. This is the most important feature of the Clip App that attracts people a lot. Apple calls this voice to text title as “Live Titles”.

    You have to speak slowly and clearly while recording a video to get represented on the screen. Also, you can edit the titles from your recorded video and add different styles and texts. Just make sure to hold the recoded button for recording the video and speak clearly to get the live titles.

    2. Different Filters

    With the filter options (3 overlapping circles showing on the phone) are used to add different style filters on the photo or video. You can add/filter/change your pictures and videos on live mode. For performing the editing on your photos and video clips, you can select the particular photo and apply different styles on it according to your requirements. Tap the filter icon for adding different effects as you start recording the video or click a photo.

    3. Insert Emojis & Text

    If you want to add text in your video then you can type in the titles which are overlaying on the individual clips. Also, you can insert different title screens between the clip that will show only that style which you selected. You can select the star icon which is placed on the top of the screen for managing the overlay options. When you will swipe left on your iPhone, you will see there are many Emojis options that you can overlay. You can add a text title in between the photo and video clip. For this, select the T icon from the right corner of your phone.

    4. Add Music

    For adding music in your video you need to visit the capture screen and press the music icon which is placed on the upper right corner of the phone. Also, you can choose any music from the Apple Free instrumental tracks which are included in the app.

    5. Reshuffle, Editing and Deleting Specific Clips

    When you are done with your video, below appears a film strip carousel for making any changes. You just have to tap on the clip that you want to change or edit. Below you will see sound option, a scissor as well as a trash can icon on the screen. With the sound icon you can mute or un-mute the video, scissor icon will adjust your clip’s length, trash icon will delete the video clip. You can preview your video by clicking the play button which is placed at the bottom of your phone screen.

    6. Save and Share

    After finishing your project, you can save it and share it. For sharing, press the arrow icon which is placed at the top left corner of your screen. Choose the project and press the share icon which is placed below at right-hand corner to see different options. There, you will find many options which include the saving video option on your device or message the video to the contacts or even you can export it to any other application.

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