7 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Role Of AR/VR Technology In The Education System

    • January 16, 2019
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    AR and VR are leading technology these days with a bright future, and education industry is the one where one can implement it wisely for smart functioning. Each and everything is depending on technology and digital environment, whereby it is easy and interesting for students to work smartly without being tired through the latest technology. With AR and VR, students can learn subjects everywhere they want just using their smartphones. In addition, each student can delve into a certain subject as deep as he or she wants. Studying the construction of reactive aeroplane or travelling to Coliseum in a 3D environment.

    Considering the real aspect

    • We use the most developed technique for kids to get things done with healthy understanding.
    • The best and productive ways amongst all are to create interest in studies that too with the help of technology kids are more into these days.
    • With technology as big, updated tools are going to help in educating, AR and VR currently filling wholes replacing books with the help of innovations.

    Yes, a question may arise that how AR/VR basically used for gaming can help us with education? As most of us have observed such device for gaming purpose. If I will go and ask any higher secondary student or a primary kid about VR device, they will say we just play games and watches videos. How is that educational?

    Immersive experience vs. boring lessons

    Educational process should eventually be renewed to make students learn everything with the interest, not under the thrash. So mixed reality became is the best option to be integrated into the education field.

    AR innovation turn out to be:
    • More effective as far as learning is undertaken.
    • Youngsters manage whole work through it.
    • Doesn't require any other costly utensils.
    • Update a learning procedure with innovative way.
    Virtual reality in education and training:
    • It facilitate teachers in immersive way to guide.
    • Gives a more personalized way to educate students.
    • Motivating way of learning process.
    • Collaborating way of learning between teachers and students.

    AR makes textbook lessons more interesting by popping up images that enable students to take interest and studies more interactive. Augmented reality comes with more real images and videos on the real-time environment as compared to one that is made to show differently.

    Technologies become cheaper with more usage

    Of course, AR/VR learning apps in combination with VR devices cost rather a lot, but now many AR/VR Technology App Development manufactures affordable VR devices like Google Cardboard. Hire AR/VR developers that offer different types of apps where you can add a basic set of features to educate students. Thus, the development cost of such an app will not be as expected.

    Learning with Practical Aspects by breaking Boundaries

    Hypothetical learning is the major aspect while considering any of the studies. Furthermore, the blended reality for instruction enables educator:

    • To understand this issue easily.
    • Students must have the knowledge of theory to understand practical.
    • Faculty can guide aspects practically with AR/VR.
    • Augmented reality in education statistics helps to solve student's doubt.
    • Reducing paperwork with smart learning
    • Students can now learn where they want to that gives better engagement.
    Benefits of AR/VR in Education
    • Visualization : Virtual reality in a classroom that helps children to gain exact information by visualizing the things that can relate with reality. It even assists to simplifies the memory issue and students know to ask more for knowledge.
    • Immersion : Three dimension view with effects helps students to understood as per future aspect. With a view, teachers can educate them with deep structure and rightly used principle, implementation, and execution.
    • Involvement : Whole teaching scenario is changed in the classroom by getting knowledge through video and visualizing things in a better way. Students will be more engaged to learn and that is possible by AR/VR Solution Provider.
    • Concentration: Student will be surrounded with Virtual things full of knowledge that facilitates them to focus on study material and nothing is going to distress studies if its AR/VR Education.
    • Interaction: A project or a module, everything is now teamwork, whereby augmented and virtual things into studies ask interaction amongst faculties and students. It will bring students together and improves the overall learning process.

    AR refers to the combination of real-world aspect through digital transformation. The digital content is processed and presented in real-time to make it as indistinguishable from the real environment as good as possible. We have gone through research and came with findings with some statistical data to get more into Augmented Reality with future aspects. The AR market is expected to grow to $759.75 million by 2020.

    Source: https://www.newgenapps.com/blog/6-vr-and-ar-statistics-shaping-the-future-of- augmented-reality-with-data
    Overcoming the Drawback

    In spite of the way that points of interest of VR/AR are winning and they can beat all downsides, yet anyway, a few burdens exist and we can't overlook them.

    As all innovation, blended the truth isn't impeccable yet. Volume: It may ask for more resources to create a set of features and chapters.
    Functionality: It is highly important to use exact tools and techniques to engage students
    Cost: Cost may vary depending on the required devices.

    Why you should start with AR/VR as a Solution ?

    Globally people are moving to mix reality including augmented and virtual reality. Since inception, it is considered as a breakthrough point when education is concerned.

    • As per experience, Students are more enthusiastic to learn
    • It increases courage to know more and to implement the same
    • Easy to know in detail and helps to remember all important tasks
    • The upgraded process is more adaptable as compare to the old one

    Agile Infoways as known Mobile App Development Company provides young learners and future generations with better and more accessible platforms by implementing augmented and virtual reality in the education sector. We are not only be excited by this, but we also feel obliged to make it happen in the most beneficial ways. Various performance-based tools for AR are created wih high features for students into classes, schools, and universities to makes the education system more effective than ever before.