Voice Editing

    We are specialized in providing the best voice editing services to the needed client group. We offer voice and mp3 editing services in which our professionals work hard to remove all types of sections and unwanted sections from your audio file. We have full proficiency in editing your audio file without affecting its natural modulation and its natural tone. Doing this properly, we will keep every single word clear and clean. If you are looking for voice editing services, then Agile Infoways has full command in delivering the topmost services as per your requirements.

    We are specialized in providing the best voice editing services
    • Edit the audio files without affecting the natural modulation and tone.
    • With the help of Audacity software, audio files are imported one by one and all audio files can listen.
    • Merge the number of audio files into one file and set to a mono channel, left or right channel as per the requirement.
    • Removed the unwanted recordings and blank recordings from the audio file and then rename it with a proper name or as per the requirement.

    Editing Loops & Music Tracks

    Our professionals are highly trained and experienced in delivering editing loops and music tracks services. We are proficient in offering the most advanced loop editing methods in a flawless playback of your music track with no jerks and glitches. If the sound of your live guitar is going out of sync or the chorus is sounding little fast? No need to worry! Our professionals are capable to get all the elements and playback them perfectly with a right tempo. Our experts are capable to edit and sync 128 music tracks, getting your drums, instruments and spinning smoothly on the tempo grid.

    We are expert in delivering the top class editing loops and music tracks
    • Set all given channels like left, right and mono that suits to the tempo of the audio file.
    • Remove the noise reduction and adjust the speed and volume of the audio file.
    • “Split Stereo Track” and “Make stereo track” both options are used when needed in the audio file.
    • Change, pitch and speed to make sure whether the sound clarity is clear and crisp.

    Voice Recordings

    Our experts are specially trained to improve the clearness of the recordings. You can improve the clearness of the voice recordings with the help of our professional team. We have full command in editing the dead um’s, air, er’s, mistakes and thumps. Our team of experts is trained to level the vocals and lesser down the sibilance i.e. (ssss sounds). Are you looking for the voice recording services, Agile Infoways is present here to provide you satisfactory solutions to your requirements. Our team is highly experienced to handle all types of voice recording services that different clients want.

    Our specialty is huge in providing voice recording services
    • Audacity Tool is used for importing and exporting the audio recording files.
    • Paying main focus to rename the file, as the name that client wants by exporting into Audacity.
    • Mainly concentrated towards dead air, um’s, er’s, thumps and mistakes to ensure the vocal to be on the level.
    • In case of multiple recordings, single audio files should be merged into one so that can be tracked easily.

    Editing Services

    We are superiorly trained to work on editing services which users want in their project. The editing services we offer cover elimination of unwanted sounds and reduce the background noise and different hum sounds. Our professionals are experienced to work on the removal of clicks, crackle and different pops editing services. Our experts are well-trained for handling all kinds of editing services and providing the best solution at clients’ end. Our primary focus lies in providing full customer satisfaction and we do every possible thing to archive it completely. If you are looking for editing services, we are here to help you completely.

    Our professionalism is very high in delivering the best editing services
    • Eliminate unnecessary sounds from the audio file and merged too many files into one.
    • Will have to maintain the length and time frame of the audio files as per the need or requirement.
    • Adjusted the high volume sound into the one which is needed for understanding the audio file clearly.
    • Normalize the tone by the tool “Audacity” to remove the background noise if needed.

    Basic Editing Services

    We are offering basic editing services which are beneficial to clients’ end. Our professionals are filled with all the skills which are highly important to handle the different basic editing services. We perform different processes which cover removing different mistakes and tracking the shortening of the audio. Also, we handle fad ins/outs and removing of the transient noises which come in the audio provided by the client. We are a team of enthusiastic professionals who are doing a great job in delivering the best basic editing services for clients’ different project requirements.

    Our knowledge is very high in providing the basic editing services
    • Removing background noises and echo from the audio file so that it can be listen properly.
    • Import and export are the two main functions in the Audacity Tool while hearing the audio files.
    • Give the proper name to the audio files and removed the unwanted name of the audio files which are not required.
    • Length should be short or long as per the file.

    Audio Transcription

    Agile Infoways works hard to deliver the best set of audio transcription services to a various group of clients. We have a strong and capable team of professionals with us who are continuously managing different audio transcription projects. We handle all the processes which come under this service that includes hearing the audio file and converting it into a pure word file. Audio transcription services covers managing legal requirements and audio versions of the material which is written and handover to customer in the form of CDs and MP3s. If you are also looking for the same services, then we have all the capabilities to manage your project as per your needs.

    We are supremely trained and skilled in providing audio transcription services
    • First of all, concentration should be towards the preparation of initial transcription.
    • Renaming the transcription as per client’s need with the proper formatting.
    • We ensure that from our side the recording exactly get converted in the word format.
    • 100 % accuracy with no grammatical errors is our primary goal towards making transcription.

    Verbatim Transcriptions

    We are highly trained to manage verbatim transcription services which clients’ demand as per their requirements. Our experts are knowledgeable enough to work on verbatim transcription and provide satisfactory result at clients’ end. This service is mainly used for legal purposes and insurance companies who want verbatim transcription services. Our work covers each and every phrase, false start, idiom made by the speaker. These services are importantly used by insurance companies and for any specific legal work. Our professionals are ready to work on any complex project which is related to verbatim transcription and we offer quality services to our every valuable client.

    Our professionalism is very high in managing different verbatim transcription services
    • We will not add anything or any single word from our side as it will be purely word to word what we hear in the recording.
    • We will figure out grammatical mistakes and then remove them after taking permission from our client.
    • Include every phrase, idiom, or false start made by the speaker as it’s mainly used by legal and insurance companies.
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    Top Benefits of Audio Editing & Transcription Services from Agile Infoways

    3 level assurance processes

    We follow a 3 level process for quality assurance which ultimately provides full satisfaction at clients’ end.

    Latest software & technology

    We always use the most recent software and technology for audio editing services and providing the best result.

    Dedicated team

    We have a strong dedicated team for handling audio editing services for every client that wants such services.

    Full security, privacy & confidentiality

    Our audio editing services are highly secure and we keep every privacy concern in our mind to prevent confidentiality.

    High-end technology & infrastructure

    We always prefer high-end technology and infrastructure for performing different audio editing processes.

    Cost-effective audio editing services

    We offer highly affordable and cost-effective audio editing services with a strong team of professionals.

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